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Rhardly an financial sector may have been related to a political determine: the French tech ecosystem is linked to the picture of Emmanuel Macron, self-proclaimed candidate very early on after which president of the “start-up nation”. “A “start-up nation” is a nation the place everybody can say that they’ll create a start-up. I need France to be certainly one of them”, he prophesied in April 2017, borrowing a slogan typically used to designate Israel. For the digital sector, the anticipated legislative elections with the National Rally (RN) on the high of the polls are a shock.

The “start-up nation” is making ready for the top of the Macron period. “There is trauma. We had been going via a really secure interval. Macron, along with his dissolution [de l’Assemblée nationale], slap everybody. It's the top of an period “, says the founder of an artificial intelligence (AI) start-up, speaking on condition of anonymity, at a French Tech association cocktail party on June 24. “Stakeholder in the “start-up nation””, this “archetype of the center-left voter”, support from Macron in 2017 and disappointed since 2022, fears that an alternation will call into question the public financial support mechanisms put in place for tech since 2017.

The France Digitale start-up association published in The echoes a forum warning against “the return of nationalism, the temptation of extremes or withdrawal”. And pleads for maintaining openness to foreign capital and employees. Vladimir Spalaikovich, founder of the start-up FitSize, explains that the dissolution was “immediately generated apprehension, even fear among the developers who work for us “offshoring”, that is to say in Tunisia”.

“I sense pragmatism”

Alexandre Pham, from MisterTemp, says he organized a meeting of“impact analysis” of the ballot, questioning the future of the 14% of non-European foreigners employed in its network of franchised temp agencies. “At best we will stand still, at worst we will go backwards”, analysis Olivier Martret, from the venture capital company Serena Capital, cited by The Digital Factory.

In parallel with this concert of concerns, we also sense in the tech sector a certain caution, even a wait-and-see attitude and a resignation to being able to accommodate the RN, if the latter were to govern. Many actors and lobbies do not wish to express themselves publicly.

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“I sense pragmatism. People are torn between their economic self and their democratic self: there is a program that is better from an economic point of view but which is problematic democratically., explains anonymously a tech professional, summarizing the idea – already heard among bosses in other sectors – according to which the RN program would be preferable for businesses to that of the New Popular Front and its “tax increases”. “People in the sector also say that the reason on the ground and the democratic safeguards may mean that the arrival of the RN would not generate that many changes”he continues. “We are more worried about the arrival of the far left to power than that of the far right, because the RN is pro-industry”estimates a semiconductor lobbyist cited by Context.

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