Trump Literally Phones It In To Black Voter Event, Makes Wild ‘Number One’ Claim | EUROtoday

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Donald Trump repeated an outrageous declare on Wednesday throughout an occasion in Atlanta aimed toward reaching out to Black enterprise homeowners and voters in Black communities.

Trump didn’t flip up himself, however referred to as in ― after which promptly bragged that his arrest and mug shot has elevated his recognition amongst Black voters.

“Since this has happened, the mugshot, the mugshot, is the best,” Trump mentioned. “It just beat Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra by a lot by the way, beat ’em by a lot. But that’s the number one mug shot of all time.”

Trump claimed his help amongst Blacks and Latinos has “skyrocketed” for the reason that arrest.

“It’s been amazing, really been amazing, it’s been actually very nice to see,” he mentioned.

Someone on the occasion tried to talk, however Trump saved going.

“In one way, in one way, you say, ‘Gee isn’t that too bad?’” he mentioned. “But the truth is, it’s really a lovely thing when I see that. We have great support now in the Black community and in the Hispanic community.”

“It’s insulting for a number of reasons, including [that] he has reduced the whole population of people down to a sum total of what is, in his mind, who they are,” she mentioned on MSNBC. “And he’s wrong, and he’s wrong.”

Trump’s critics on X fired again: