“Who would Hamlet, Ulysses, Emma Bovary, and even Don Quixote, who’s a particular case, vote for at the moment? » | EUROtoday

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IIt is a little bit useless, if not absurd, to ask what are the political preferences of the nice heroes of novels, epics or performs. Who would Panurge, Hamlet, Ulysses, Emma Bovary or Jacques the Fatalist vote for at the moment? The present political and social circumstances, the democratic and republican regime, the very division between proper and left don’t have anything to do with the life and concepts of historic occasions. Often, authors don’t present adequate materials to qualify the political orientation of their characters. Overinterpretation provides to the anachronism and makes it worse.

It isn’t fairly the identical for Don Quixote, which varieties a separate case. The work is as advanced as it’s monumental. It has crossed the centuries, enriched with new meanings at every time. Spain has made it a nationwide emblem. Above all, the 2 heroes of the novel make speeches and carry out acts of an eminently political nature.

Sancho Panza's vote is the best to find out. Freshly promoted to squire and enlisted within the service of Don Quixote on the energy of astonishing guarantees, he by no means ceases to demand their success in addition to the wage as a consequence of him. He bitterly protests in opposition to a system of exploitation of which he’s the everlasting sufferer: it’s his commerce unionist and “yellow vest” facet.

Identity capital

The former farmhand is steeped in widespread sense and prejudices constant together with his social class. Deprived of fabric capital, he clings to id capital and his non secular and nationwide affiliation. Priding himself, within the face of converts from all sides, of being a Christian by beginning (“old-Christian”), he exhibits himself to be anti-Semitic, negrophobic and Islamophobic, which doesn’t forestall him, like several self-respecting racist, from having an excellent Morisco buddy (Muslim transformed to Christianity) whom he’ll generously assist.

When he nearly miraculously obtains the federal government of an island, he proclaims himself “decided to cleanse this archipelago of all its vagabonds, lazy people and thieves”. And he provides: “The idle and lazy are in the city like bumblebees in the hive, eating the honey made by the hardworking bees. My intention is to come to the aid of peasants, to allow gentlemen their privileges, to reward virtuous people, and above all to respect religion and honor men of the Church. »

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Drive out the homeless, foreigners and all these accused of stealing the fruits of the work of sincere folks, respect the established powers and the nationwide faith: you’d assume you had been studying this system of a conservative excessive proper.

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