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US election Press reactions to the TV duel

“He didn’t look old, he looked ancient”

The broadcast of the duel The broadcast of the duel

The broadcast of the duel


Incumbent US President Biden and former President Trump confront one another within the first TV debate of the election marketing campaign. The look of the previous males causes worldwide concern.

Biden weak, Trump on the fallacious monitor – the worldwide press in addition to the American media had nothing good to say concerning the incumbent president. But his rival additionally didn’t come off properly within the commentaries.


New York Times: “In the face of Trump's misleading attacks, Biden appeared shaky and uncertain. Biden repeatedly appeared foggy and incoherent. … Trump made wild and false claims. Biden seemed to meander through his answers.”

Wall Street Journal: “In the first presidential debate, Biden delivered what the Democrats feared. He showed a lack of strength and willingness to fight. Trump, on the other hand, amazingly managed to keep his composure in a 90-minute show full of insults and political contradictions.”

New York Post: “Goodnight and goodbye! This was a disaster for Biden. Millions just watched the end of his presidency live on TV. It was disgraceful. He didn't look old, he looked ancient.”

Washington Post: “Biden delivered a forceful State of the Union address in March. But debating an opponent is very different from delivering a scripted speech.” … “Later in the debate, Biden was a little more animated, calling Trump a whiner, a loser and a child. But his hits lacked power – and so did Biden's overall performance.”

US Today: “Shock. Democrats despairing over Joe Biden's debate disaster. Some said he should withdraw to allow another Democrat to run.”

Great Britain

BBC: “Before Thursday night, many Americans had expressed concerns about Joe Biden's age and fitness for office. To say that this debate did not exactly silence those concerns would be one of the biggest understatements of the year.”

„Guardian“: “Joe Biden, obviously suffering from a cold, mumbled his way through the debate and was unable to deliver his otherwise elegantly worded sentences accurately. Donald Trump, a prolific spreader of untruths, repeatedly told lies and avoided answering difficult questions.”

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“The country”: “Biden fails in his attempt to allay concerns about his age in the debate with Trump. The ex-president bombards the president with misinformation and lies, who in turn, through his hesitation, hoarseness and gaffes, is unable to cope in a duel full of personal attacks.”


“The world”: “With a hoarse voice, stuttering and unable to finish his sentences, Joe Biden failed to allay concerns about his age (81). The 78-year-old Donald Trump seemed more combative. Never before have Americans had to choose between candidates who were both so old.”

You have

CBC News: “Joe Biden sounded hoarse, his energy level seemed low, and at several points in the debate he lost his train of thought. (…) And Donald Trump does what Donald Trump often does: He speaks with confidence, he has energy, but so much of what he said tonight is absolutely not factually correct.”


“The universal”: “Biden stumbles while Trump lies and refuses to respect the election results.”