Jammie Dodger with no jam sparks uproar amongst biscuit followers | EUROtoday

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Biscuit lovers have been gobsmacked when a candy deal with fan revealed their Jammie Dodger was lacking its signature jam centre.

Ever since its debut in 1960, the Jammie Dodger has been a agency fixture in British snack drawers. With its tempting raspberry or strawberry jam center and charming heart-shaped shortbread exterior, it is robust to show down.

But most of us can be fairly devastated if we discovered our favorite teatime deal with was lacking its fruity centre.

One fan of those cherished confections was left seething once they found an absence of jam once they went to take a chew.

The blunder occurred as the corporate answerable for these adored snacks up to date their manufacturing course of, together with a revamped jam recipe, whereas concurrently churning out a batch of biscuits main to 1 jam-less Jammie Dodger escaping high quality management.

The irked Londoner took to X the place he stated: “When you buy some @jammiedodgers from @Tesco for a lil treat and there is no jam in one.”

Witty customers joked “the jam dodged the biscuit” and “I’ve seen a few first world problems in my time, but this one, well, takes the biscuit”.

One particular person remarked: “Well it definitely was a jammy dodger then coz it dodged the jam.” Another chimed in: “I’ve seen a few first world problems in my time, but this one, well, takes the biscuit.”

MJ Fosker was left gobsmacked when his favorite Jammie Dodger biscuit was lacking its signature jammy coronary heart. “I was really looking forward to enjoying a classic Jammie Dodger, which I’ve enjoyed as a sweet treat since I was a kid, but it seems my biscuit decided to play hide and seek with the jam! But I do think I’ll get over this…eventually.”

Andrew chimed in with a cheeky remark: “Without jam, is it just Dodger? ” whereas one other added: “The jam dodged the biscuit.”

A fellow biscuit fan shared their shock too: “I got one too! ” Another disgruntled buyer stated: “I had the same with some I got for Sainsbury’s, I contacted the manufacturer about it and they sent me some apology vouchers.”

Fox’s Burton’s Companies (FBC UK), the brains behind the enduring biscuits, did not hesitate to succeed in out and express regret for the jam fiasco. They’re even sending MJ a recent provide of Jammie Dodgers brimming with jam to make-up for the frustration.

Russell Smith, the Brand Lead at Jammie Dodgers, expressed remorse: “We extend our deepest apologies to MJ for any upset that has come from his Jammie-less experience. This is a result of an unfortunate mishap on our production line as we have made improvements to our jam recipe, creating a new, tastier jam that now is even fruitier than before. We always strive to give customers the stickiest, jammiest splat in our shortcake sandwiches, because after all, what’s a Jammie Dodger without the jam? Just a dodger, and it seems this time, the jam has truly dodger-ed.”

The new and extra fruity Raspberry vary is at the moment being launched in shops throughout the nation.