Jordan Bardella, François Asselineau, Florian Philippot… the favorites of the French in Moscow | EUROtoday

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VSThis morning, Axel Nagy is extra apprehensive concerning the absence of the chef of his little French bistro within the Danilovsky market than concerning the legislative elections. No onion soup till midday for these inquisitive about French delicacies; they must make do with pâté en croûte, which the Bordeaux native began producing 5 years in the past in Moscow. “I almost want Bardella to win […] “So that we are able to decide whether or not he’s actually a fascist,” says the forty-year-old, who considers himself left-wing, pro-nuclear and anti-Gaza. “But I already know the reply, it's no. He will do as his predecessors did: what Europe tells him to do.”

Axel Nagy due to this fact prefers to vote for a celebration which defends Frexit, like that of François Asselineau. His get together, the Popular Union Rep…