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“It is a shame that this had to happen for the City Council to decide to change its attitude.” This is how Teresa Abáigar, the director of the Experimental Station for Arid Zones (EEZA), a analysis heart in Almería depending on the CSIC, summarizes the persistence on the a part of the Almería City Council to carry a collection of live shows in La Hoya park, regardless of the entity's warnings that the noise may severely have an effect on the well-being of the 400 specimens of gazelles that dwell within the space. The live shows had been held and 4 gazelles—one in every of them a calf and one other about to provide start—and a feminine aruí died from the stress and agitation attributable to the decibels of the music.

Although the City Council initially knowledgeable EEZA-CSIC of the city compatibility of holding the live shows in that place – a plot that varieties a part of the Finca Experimental la Hoya that the CSIC owns on the foot of the Alcazaba and that it gave to the council in 2007 to construct a park there – after seeing the deadly penalties it has had for the gazelles, it has determined to backtrack and alter the situation of the Flamenco Festival, which was additionally deliberate to be held within the auditorium of the venue. “We regret what happened. If we had known, we would not have held the concerts there,” admits Antonio Urdiales, Councillor for the Area of ​​Sustainability, who signifies that the research of the acoustic measurements commissioned by the municipal Government decided that the extent of the decibels was low. “We were not aware that this noise of few decibels could lead to this mortality,” he provides.

But, though the City Council has backed down, the demise of the gazelles has ended up within the Prosecutor's Office. Podemos, IU and Equo offered a criticism this Wednesday to the Provincial Environmental Prosecutor's Office requesting that it examine what safety measures in opposition to noise air pollution and different environmental provisions had been adopted for the celebration of the live shows. For its half, the PSOE can even current a letter to the Public Ministry subsequent week, however via felony means, as a result of it understands that, after the approval of the animal welfare regulation, it’s included within the Penal Code inside the kind of animal abuse. , do it “at a public event.”

“The advice of scientists has been ignored,” Abáigar laments. Since the primary gazelles and rocks arrived from Western Sahara in 1970, the EEZA has been a reference within the analysis and restoration of North African ungulate species at risk of extinction. The wild animals have acclimatized within the La Hoya Experimental Farm, an surroundings of about 20 hectares, which on the finish of the final century was situated virtually on the outskirts of the capital of Almeria, however which has now been constrained by city progress. All in all, this is among the largest reservoirs of the Moldor gazelle, the Cuvier's gazelle, the Sahrawi Dorcas gazelle and the Saharan wren, with 400 specimens in whole. CSIC researchers perform their work there and reintroduction initiatives are developed in Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia. That is why the lack of 4 specimens, three of them females, has larger significance. “There is no turning back from this, we have lost animals of incalculable value for conservation programs,” Sonia Domínguez, the analysis institute's veterinarian, recalled this week.

In 2007, the CSIC signed an settlement with the Almería City Council, which gave it some plots of land to develop a peri-urban park on the foot of the Alcazaba and revitalise the world, which had change into a garbage dump. The new design homes an auditorium during which the Almería council at all times needed to carry live shows. “It was intended in 2020, but then we submitted a detailed scientific-technical study on the impact that noise pollution could have on animals and the administrative requirements that had to be met when holding events of this type. The sensitivity of that governing team was different,” says the director of the EEZA.

EEZA-CSIC wildcat female died as a result of stress.  / EEZA-CSIC
EEZA-CSIC wildcat feminine died because of stress. / EEZA-CSIC

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Four years later, CSIC scientists discovered from the press of the City Council's intention to carry the Alamar music competition on the venue, 60 meters from the place the animals are situated. The EEZA despatched a letter to the council demanding that the celebration be moved to different venues and warning concerning the hazard that noise air pollution may pose for species that had been additionally in the midst of their replica interval.

The City Council didn’t give in and the live performance collection was held between June 20 and 22. Three days later, the CSIC reported the demise of 5 gazelles: as a result of traumatic accidents brought about when attempting to cross the fence that protects the farm, one other because of an abortion, and one calf as a result of its mom stopped breastfeeding it. “All caused as a result of the stress and agitation caused by the concerts,” defined Domínguez. “Her death could have been prevented,” she careworn.

In current days, the City Council has insisted in a press release that on the Alamar competition “a calibrated limiter was used so that the 92 decibels (equivalent to the sound of traffic in the city or on a highway) were not exceeded at any time, which was not even activated, since the measurement and telemetry reports of the limiter incorporated into the sound system by an external company indicate that the 65 decibels were not exceeded outside the wall (the equivalent of a conversation between three people and less than the sound of a telephone)”.

“The concerts will be moved elsewhere, we hope that this will help prevent this from happening again,” says the director of EEZA, relating to the choice of the City Council to maneuver the Flamenco Festival performances to the Plaza Vieja, which was to be held in La Hoya Park between 15 and 20 July. Urdiales signifies that the CSIC has been requested for data on the demise of the gazelles to forestall an analogous episode from taking place once more. “We do not want to question what happened, but rather to find solutions,” says the councillor.

The resolution is to maneuver the gazelles to a bigger surroundings with a purpose to defend the animals. “This is the priority of the CSIC, and we are looking for a new location,” says Abáigar. “We have an agreement for the City Council to look for land elsewhere. We know how important it is to improve the conditions of the research centre,” says Urdiales. The demise of those distinctive and endangered specimens reveals that if the gazelles do not need the potential for relocating, it’s the musical occasions that should accomplish that with a purpose to protect animal welfare. Meanwhile, the remainder of the species on the farm are regularly calming down. “They have returned to their usual noises,” says the particular person in cost.

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