‘That Was Painful’: Stunned CNN Panel Offers Brutal Review Of Biden’s ‘Dismal’ Debate | EUROtoday

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CNN’s post-presidential debate panel pulled no punches with its evaluation of President Joe Biden’s efficiency in opposition to Donald Trump within the first debate of the 2024 election.

“That was painful. I love Joe Biden. I worked for Joe Biden. He didn’t do well at all. He did not do well at all,” former Barack Obama adviser-turned-CNN political analyst Van Jones stated after Thursday’s head-to-head, which the community hosted in Atlanta.

“I love that guy. That’s a good man. He loves his country. He’s doing the best that he can,” Jones stated of Biden. “But he had a test to meet tonight to restore the confidence of the country and of the base. And he failed to do that.”

“We’re still far from our convention and there is time for this party to figure out a different way forward,” Jones added. “But that was not what we needed from Joe Biden and it’s personally painful for a lot of people. It’s not just panic, it’s the pain of what we saw tonight.”

Most of the panel agreed that Trump hadn’t precisely come up smelling of roses following the talk, along with his a number of falsehoods, failure to understand coverage speak and imply feedback about Biden.

But Biden was “dismal,” stated CNN’s chief nationwide correspondent John King.

The present panic amongst Democrats is not like something earlier than, advised anchor Abby Phillip.

There is a “sense of shock” and Democrats now want to significantly discuss probably changing Biden on the ticket, stated former Obama marketing campaign advisor-turned-CNN commentator David Axelrod.

Republican strategist David Urban, in the meantime, referred to as Biden’s efficiency an “unmitigated disaster.”

Elsewhere on CNN, anchor Chris Wallace stated Biden wasn’t “capable of doing any better than he did.”

And on MSNBC, former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) informed host Rachel Maddow that Biden had one job of reassuring Americans he was as much as the job — and he failed.

“Trump is so terrible that this might heal itself,” stated McCaskill. “But based on what I’m hearing from a lot of people […] there is more than handwringing tonight, I do feel like people are confronting a crisis.”