‘Total Nonsense’ And ‘Pure Fiction’: CNN Fact-Checker Exposes Trump’s False Debate Claims | EUROtoday

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CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale provided a breathless breakdown of the deceptive claims and false statements that Donald Trump made throughout his first 2024 presidential debate with President Joe Biden, which the community hosted in Atlanta on Thursday.

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee’s checklist of false claims is “way, way longer” than the president’s, Dale famous earlier than reeling off after which debunking the various, many falsehoods uttered by Trump.

Dale, throughout his near-3-minute phase, described Trump’s declare that Biden desires to quadruple individuals’s taxes as “pure fiction” and mentioned his line about Biden solely creating jobs for “illegal immigrants” was “total nonsense.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, who moderated the talk, drew some criticism for not fact-checking Trump’s false clams in actual time for the advantage of the viewers.

Per CNN’s evaluation, Trump made greater than 30 false claims in the course of the head-to-head in comparison with Biden’s “at least nine false or misleading claims.”