Critics Clown Trump’s ‘IDIOTIC’ Electric Planes Remarks: ‘Dumb As A Box Of Rocks’ | EUROtoday

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Former President Donald Trump took goal at Democrats for not having “any clue” earlier than dropping complicated remarks about “electric planes” at a rally in Chesapeake, Virginia on Friday.

“All they know is electric. They want electric army tanks, they want electric planes. What happens if the sun isn’t shining while you’re up in the air?” requested Trump, who has oddly warned about potential electrocution and the specter of sharks because of electrical boats weighed down by batteries.

The remarks from the previous president, who seemingly blended up solar energy and electrical energy, arrive in the future after his CNN-moderated debate with President Joe Biden.

Social media customers mocked Trump — a frequent critic of electrical autos who has opposed Biden’s push for them — together with James Fallows, former nationwide correspondent at The Atlantic and President Jimmy Carter’s chief speechwriter.

“OK, we know he is an idiot. But every now and then you have to say, this is GODDAMN IDIOTIC,” wrote Fallows on X.

He continued, “Electric planes run ON BATTERIES. His question is like asking, ‘How can you use an iPhone if it’s dark outside.’ Oh, I forgot. I he ‘aced’ his dementia-screening test.”

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