Keir Starmer as PM ‘would spell open season for anti-semitism’ warns Israeli minister | Politics | News | EUROtoday

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Amichai Chikli heralded the swathe of current right-leaning election ends in Germany, France, the Netherlands and different elements of Europe, ascribing them an rising concern concerning the prevalence of radical islamism, in addition to migration.

The largest exception, he stated, was Britain, which was “playing with a movement that is very, very dangerous.”

“There is an awakening right across Europe which is understanding the threat of radical Islam,“ said the 42-year-old minister of diaspora affairs.

“I don’t mean Muslims – I have many Muslim friends and Israel has a close relationship with many Muslim states. We’re speaking about the Muslim Brotherhood ideology, ISIS and al Qaeda. It all comes from the same poisoned spring which is radical Islam. This is an existential threat.“

While much of the rest of Europe was beginning to confront this head on, the UK was preparing to elect a PM who – though less extreme than Jeremy Corbyn – would be unwilling or unable to tackle the scourge of anti-semitism.

“We are seeing that it will take a miracle for the Conservatives to win, that it will be Labour. Their policy is pro-Islamist. It’s the green and red alliance – green for Islam, red for communism,’ he said.

“We saw the demonstrations in the streets, we saw the words ‘from the river to the sea’ – which refers to the destruction of the Jews – emblazoned on Big Ben .

‘We see these signs regularly erected in London boroughs and there is no response from local authorities.

“Looking at the UK from the outside, it looks very bad.”

He said Israel’s cabinet received regular reports of anti semitism incidents in Britain, and confirmed that there have been times when the issue had been discussed with Downing Street.

According to the Community Security Trust charity, there has been a record 4,500 complaints of antisemitism since October 7. Some have been violent, though most consisted of verbal abuse and threatening behaviour.

Last week several Jewish children from Hasmonean Boys School were assaulted at Belsize Park Station in what the police are treating as a hate crime.

Mr Chikli added: “We are seeing that it will take a miracle for the Conservatives to win, and that it will be Labour Government. Their policy is pro-Islamist. It’s the green and red alliance – green for Islam, red for communism.

“Already there have been statements made by elected Members of Parliament from the Labour party who have gone in support of the Palestinian cause after October 7, echoing the messages from Hamas.”

Rejecting the influence of the far right, he said: “Right wing anti-semitism is on the fringes. You don’t see marches of hundreds of thousands of Nazis.”

Instead it was the left, through movements such as wokism, which was aiding and abetting radical Islam’s anti-semitism .

And a cursory examination of university campuses with their post-truth culture, where facts become subjective, shows where the problem really lies.

“You have a philosophy that is built to favour Palestinians and Hamas automatically. It’s because the woke agenda, which is a neo- Marxist agenda, replaces workers with oppressed groups and oppressors. Whites and blacks,“ he said.

“It’s a very shallow and stupid ideology which doesn’t care about facts. If you are in the grip of this woke philosophy you will be against Israel no matter what because you view Israel as white supremacists. If you are in the more powerful group, it means you are bad.”

Claiming that Britain’s pro-Palestine marches were orchestrated and funded by Qatar, he added: “I think many people are naïve and they don’t understand that they are playing with a movement that is very very dangerous. It’s a disaster for the UK.”