Omri Boehm on Hannah Arendt’s Palestine e-book | EUROtoday

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It continues to be not too late”: these are the final phrases of Hannah Arendt’s essay “To Save the Jewish Homeland”, which she wrote in 1948, when Israel was combating for its survival and independence and a whole lot of 1000’s of Palestinians had already been expelled from cities akin to Haifa, Tiberias and Acre. “Even if the Jews were to win the war”, warned Arendt, the institution of a Jewish nationwide state within the midst of a “completely hostile” Arab-Palestinian majority can be doomed to failure. The Jewish folks must degenerate into “one of those warrior tribes” whose destiny now we have identified because the days of “Sparta”, and in the end isolate themselves not solely from the worldwide neighborhood but in addition from world Jewry. In this fashion, she warned, the institution of a Jewish nationwide state in Palestine would “destroy the unique opportunities and unique achievements of Zionism in Palestine”.