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A model new exhibition at Europe's largest aquarium takes guests on a journey to the deepest components of the ocean…and makes a plea for its safety.

They say we all know extra about house than the planet's oceans and certainly, in line with Ocean Wise, 95% of the oceans' depths are nonetheless unexplored. A brand new exhibition at Boulogne-sur-Mer's aquarium and oceanography centre, Nausicaá, makes an attempt to reply all of the questions we might have concerning the deep sea.

Journey Into the Abyss takes 1,000 guests beneath the ocean stage to the intriguing world of the deep seabed, the place excessive dwelling situations don't cease some species from thriving. In this world of darkness, uncover fish with gigantic enamel, bioluminescent jellyfish, abyssal humpback anglerfish or big spider crabs, and a complete host of different abyssal creatures, which only a few folks have ever had the chance to admire in such shut quarters.

Across 180m² of exhibition house boasting three aquariums, the immersive and sensory exhibition provides a greater understanding of life on the seabed, presenting six totally different species and their environments.

Dive into the Abyss at Nausicaá’s Latest Exhibition