French rap takes motion towards the RN within the music “No pasaràn” | EUROtoday

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DIn a video revealed yesterday night on their social networks, producer Kore and rappers Shurik'n and Akhenaton (well-known members of the group IAM) introduced the discharge of a monitor, this 1er July at 11:45 p.m., towards the specter of the acute proper, in anticipation of the second spherical of legislative elections on July 7.

At over 9 minutes lengthy, “No pasaràn” – in French “they will not pass” – is an reference to the 1936 slogan of the Republicans towards the nationalist rebels of General Franco, which turned the image of anti-fascist resistance – is in step with the music “11′30 against racist laws” launched in 1997 towards the Debré legislation which aimed to toughen the entry circumstances for immigrants into France – and which was adopted lower than a month after its launch .

Kore explains the genesis of this collaborative challenge within the columns of Release : “We live in a paradoxical time because we have a flow of information and at the same time no one is really informed. So, I told myself that we had to go back to the essence of rap, namely: sending a message. »

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The union of two generations

Among the rappers who responded to the call, we find emblematic figures of the “conscious” rap period of the Nineties and 2000s: Akhenaton, Mac Tyer, Pit Baccardi, Seth Gueko, Demi-Portion and even Fianso. And alongside them, stands a younger technology of artists with thousands and thousands of listeners, much less identified for his or her positions – exterior of their communication on the networks – like Zola (3 million listeners monthly), Soso Maness (2 million listeners monthly) and even Kerchak (2 million listeners monthly). Young individuals who dominate the French rap trade – of their “club rap” style – and whose affect is plain.

The bringing collectively of those two generations couldn’t be extra distinctive, in a world of rap that has been depoliticized and tainted by those that have remained so; like Freeze Corleone – who is not going to be current on the one – criticized for his provocative lyrics, and accused of anti-Semitism for his geopolitical and conspiratorial references. READ ALSO JoeyStarr: “I am under the yoke of matriarchy”

“No pasaràn” will due to this fact function a response to to the bulk outcomes of the National Rally and their allies within the first spherical of the legislative elections (33.14%) forward of the New Popular Front (27.99%) and the previous presidential majority (20%). A title whose income shall be donated to the Abbé-Pierre Foundation.