John Fetterman Drops S-Bomb Live On Fox News Over ‘Whole Abandon Biden Thing’ | EUROtoday

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“That whole abandon Biden thing, that’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard,” Fetterman advised Fox News’ Shannon Bream. “I mean, if you are more inclined to vote for a Democrat or be a Democrat, if you’re willing to walk away from Joe Biden, you’re, by defecting, helping [presumptive GOP presidential nominee] Trump.”

Democrats who’re pondering of ditching Biden are enjoying with fireplace, he warned.

“I had a difficult debate, and yet we still managed to go on to win,” Fetterman advised Bream, referencing his tough 2022 Senate run debate with Republican rival Mehmet Oz throughout which the now-senator found phrases, a results of the stroke he suffered in the course of the race.

“Now, everybody was calling that the end of my career, that was the end of this race and everyone was predicting that I was going to lose actually by 2 points or more,” he recalled. “And I smoked Oz by 5 points. And that’s what I’m saying. It’s like one debate is not a career.”

Fetterman on Friday responded to the speedy aftermath of Biden’s debate with a name for Democrats to “chill the fuck out.”

“I refuse to join the Democratic vultures on Biden’s shoulder after the debate. No one knows more than me that a rough debate is not the sum total of the person and their record,” he wrote on X, previously Twitter.

“Morning-after thermonuclear beat downs from my race from the debate and polling geniuses like 538 predicted l’d lose by 2. And what happened? The only seat to flip and won by a historic margin (+5),” Fetterman mentioned in a second put up.