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War within the Middle East
Angry ultra-Orthodox Israelis protest towards conscription

For decades, there has been a dispute in Israel over compulsory military service for ultra-Orthodox Jews. A court ruling has now sparked angry protests

For a long time there was a dispute in Israel over obligatory navy service for ultra-Orthodox Jews. A courtroom ruling has now sparked offended protests in Jerusalem. Photo

© Ilia Yefimovich/dpa

A dispute over obligatory navy service for ultra-Orthodox Jews has been simmering in Israel for many years. A courtroom ruling has pushed hundreds of offended younger males onto the streets.

In Israel, hundreds of ultra-Orthodox males have protested towards the court-ordered obligation to serve within the Israeli military. According to native media reviews, violent clashes with the police befell in Jerusalem yesterday night. The police tried to disperse the demonstrators, who had been wearing black fits, utilizing mounted officers and a water cannon. Police officers had been attacked and pelted with stones. Five rioters had been arrested.

The protests had been triggered by a current ruling by the nation's highest courtroom, in keeping with which ultra-Orthodox males should now even be required to carry out navy service. The ruling is seen as a setback for the right-wing spiritual authorities of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

For a long time, ultra-Orthodox males had been exempted from obligatory navy service in Israel. But these exemptions expired three months in the past. Netanyahu's authorities didn’t move a regulation that might have cemented the exemptions. The Supreme Court then ordered the cancellation of state subsidies for ultra-Orthodox males of navy age who examine in spiritual colleges.

At the tip of March, Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara additionally determined that the navy was obliged to draft spiritual college students, who had beforehand been largely exempt from navy service. According to the courtroom, this contains 63,000 males. The military lately warned urgently of a drastic scarcity of fight troopers in gentle of the Gaza conflict. In addition, many Israelis really feel it’s unfair that ultra-Orthodox Jews are exempt from navy service and harmful fight missions.