Judge feared he would die after man vaulted bench in courtroom and rained blows at his head | UK | News | EUROtoday

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A JUDGE feared for his life after an irate man launched a terrifying assault on him in a courtroom, hurling a radiator, and chasing him into his chambers to rain blow after blow at his head.

Greg Hazletine, 41, launched into the assault throughout a bitter household courtroom dispute together with his former associate and after he was banned from visiting his youngsters’s faculty.

Southwark Crown Court heard that in the course of the assault he jumped onto a desk after which on to the choose’s bench, earlier than chasing

Judge Patrick Perusko into his Chambers and one other listening to room at Milton Keynes County Court.

Once he caught up with him, he landed repeated punches to the choose’s head, whereas hurling abuse.

Hazletine was sentenced final week for the assault and an earlier incident when he hurled abuse at one other household courtroom choose throughout an earlier listening to when he appeared earlier than Recorder Dharmesh Patel on July 13 final 12 months.

When an order was issued towards him, he grew to become visibly agitated, interrupted the choose repeatedly, and shouted aggressively for the choose to “be a man,” Southwark Crown Court heard.

That choose pressed a panic alarm and went to depart courtroom, inflicting Hazletine to shout: “Why don’t you come here let’s go outside. Call security like you did last time you f***ing weasel.”

More senior Judge Perusko was introduced in to take over the case as a result of his behaviour.

However, he additionally confronted Hazletin’e fury on November 29 final 12 months.

The defendant misplaced iot as Judge Perusko positioned a non-molestation order on him, banning him from visiting his youngsters’s faculty.

As Judge Perusko tried to depart the courtroom to flee his anger, he threw the steel radiator in the direction of him, earlier than leaping onto the bench.

“The Judge ran out of the door of the court to his chambers and through two doors into hearing room one where District Judge Nutley was working”, stated Mr Justice Goss.

“You pursued and caught up with him as he got past District Judge Nutley and pushed him to the corner of the room, he hit his head on the metal base of a coat stand.

“You pinned him down with your body weight, your hand on top of his chest and throat and punched him to the head a number of times.”

District Judge Nutley described the assault as “relentless”.

“Every blow you delivered to Judge Perusko was with a clenched fist”, stated Mr Justice Goss.

“Your face was bright red. You would occasionally stop punching him to say something abusive or threatening and would then start punching him again.

“He began talking to you saying it would all be okay. Your partner and the security officer had followed and eventually found you.

“She pleaded with you to stop, but you ignored them telling the Judge to promise that he would let you see the children.

“They tried to pull you off and eventually you let go enabling the judge to leave the room.”

Judge Perusko suffered wounds, swelling, and bruising to his head, he had again ache within the following weeks, and stated he “feared for his life at the time you attacked him”, stated Mr Justice Goss.

“When angered, there is a significant risk of you using physical violence and causing serious injury…

“You were out of control and have very little insight into your behaviour, the role of the judge and the very frightening ordeal to which you subjected him.

“He considers you have issues with regulating your emotions and temper and seek to resolve issues by resorting to physical violence, acting impulsively and failing to see the potential harm,” he added.

Hazletine, from Princes Risborough in Buckinghamshire, has previous convictions for assault on a traffic warden in 2004 and a an assault on his former partner’s mother in a playground.

Mr Justice Goss sentenced Hazledine to three years in prison, for the assault on Judge Perusko, the criminal damage and the previous incident with the other judge.

Hazletine, who admitted the offences last December, told the court he was “truly sorry” for his behaviour.