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Nigel Farage has revealed he doesn’t need to be a part of the Conservatives regardless of a contemporary blow to Reform UK’s common election hopes.

The Tories have reeled in Labour’s lead amid a fall in help for Reform UK, a brand new ballot has revealed.

Rishi Sunak’s social gathering are on 22 per cent, 19-points behind Labour who’re on 41 p.c, in accordance with the survey of 20,000 voters by Redfield and Wilton Strategies.

Meanwhile, help for Reform has dropped by two factors to 16 per cent.

Quizzed a few hypothetical invitation to affix the Conservative Party sooner or later, Mr Farage replied: “Not the sort of club I want to join.”

Mr Farage instructed the broadcaster: “The problem with the Westminster journalistic pack is they think being elected only matters inside that chamber in Westminster.

“As I reasonably proved I feel again in 1999 – when three of us bought elected to the European Parliament and constructed a mass motion throughout the nation on a problem that was retro – nevertheless many people get elected to that Parliament, sure, we’ll be there, however extra importantly, we’ll construct a mass motion throughout the nation.”

The Conservatives have closed in on Labour’s poll lead as support has fallen slightly for Reform UK.

The Tories are on 22 per cent, 19-points behind Labour who’re on 41 per cent, in accordance with the survey of 20,000 voters by Redfield and Wilton Strategies.

The strategic consultancy agency final week put Labour’s lead at 23 factors.

The ballot, which was performed from June 28 to July 2, additionally discovered that help for Reform has dropped by two factors to 16 per cent.

Mr Farage has insisted it’s “not necessarily vital” for him to win in Clacton as momentum is already constructing behind his marketing campaign.

The Reform UK chief stated the social gathering gaining some successes is a “very, very important part” of his plan to grow to be the primary opposition social gathering to Labour.

But he claimed getting elected to Westminster shouldn’t be the one method to construct a “mass movement”, pointing in the direction of UKIP’s rise all through the 2000s and the next decade.

Speaking to ITV News, the Reform UK chief stated: “It would be helpful, not necessarily vital, but it would be helpful.”

He added: “If you look at that Birmingham event we put on at the weekend, you can see that we’ve got already the beginnings of a really big ground, mass movement in the country.

“But getting some successes is a very, very important part of this.”

Amid rising concern over the views held by a few of Reform UK’s candidates, Mr Farage stated: “I don’t know where these people came from. You know, I started a month ago. All these candidates were in place.

“But I learned that a lot of them were sort of a last-minute call ‘please would anyone stand?’ and clearly, as a result of that, there’s there are some people there that ought not to be there.

“That’s not reflective of me, the party or the vast majority of people.”

The Reform UK chief admitted it has been a battle to face 600 candidates in such a brief period of time.

He stated: “I think we and the Greens suffer from it yes, because I think for us and the Greens fielding over 600 candidates was a very, very difficult thing to do with a snap election.

“I did actually at the last minute get a London vetting company involved, but they didn’t do the job. Look, it’s a start-up. It’s a startup.

“Of course, there are gonna be teething problems along the way, but it’s not reflective of what I stand for, what the leading people in the party stand for. And hey, I tell you what, in four weeks we’ve made a hell of an impact.”

Former Cabinet Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan, the previous worldwide growth secretary, instructed Times Radio: “There is no love for Starmer, there is no real sense of confidence.

“I think there is real anxiety about Labour’s potential tax rises. It’s been so opaque the way they’ve described what they are or aren’t going to do.”

Another ballot, by Survation, predicted Reform will win simply seven seats regardless of coming comfortably third within the variety of voters forged.

The pollsters stated the Conservatives will win simply 64 seats on the common election.

Sir Keir Starmer’s social gathering was predicted to win 484 seats – a bigger return than Sir Tony Blair’s 418 in 1997.

And the Tories will likely be simply three seats forward of the Liberal Democrats, the ballot instructed.