Rachel Maddow Reveals Biggest Fear After Trump Decision | EUROtoday

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MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is sounding the alarm after the Supreme Court dominated in Donald Trump’s favor on Monday and granted presidents broad immunity for official acts whereas in workplace.

“I really did not expect that they would do this,” she stated. “Donald Trump and his counsel asked for this 100% absolute immunity thing, which was insane. I would say they got 105% of what they were asking for.”

She identified that Trump’s attorneys had made the case that immunity ought to cowl even excessive conditions similar to a president assassinating a political rival.

The courtroom, Maddow stated, seems to have affirmed that place.

“This is a death squad ruling,” she stated. “This is a ruling that says that as long as you can construe it as an official or quasi-official act, you can do absolutely anything ― absolutely anything ― and never be held accountable, not only while you are president, but forever.”

Trump, she stated, has activated “pro-Trump paramilitary groups” and teams that use slogans similar to “right-wing death squads.” Trump has additionally spoken brazenly of utilizing the Justice Department towards his rivals.

The courtroom, she fears, has primarily licensed all that and extra.

“This explicitly immunizes anything the president wants to do through the Justice Department and all but explicitly justifies anything the president wants to do, full stop, to anyone,” she stated. “And that is as serious as it gets.”

Maddow stated nobody reacting to the ruling has stated they’re apprehensive about what President Joe Biden would possibly do now that the courtroom has granted broad immunity.

But Trump’s one other story.

“The only solution to this, the only way out of this, is to have non-criminals and non-authoritarian-minded would-be dictators, win presidential elections. That is the only way fix this,” she stated. “Because if you have somebody who is a criminal, or is authoritarian-minded, when they get in there armed with this ruling, there is nothing they cannot do.”

See her full dialogue with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes beneath: