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Reform UK chief Nigel Farage (Image: Getty)

Rishi Sunak in the present day tells Express readers “your vote counts, your voice counts so please use it wisely”.

In the ultimate 24 hours earlier than polls open, the Prime Minister warned backing Reform in the end means “waving the white flag to socialism”.

Mr Sunak stated the election would be the most consequential for Britain’s future in a long time and insisted he won’t ever surrender combating for what he believes in.

In an interview with the Express because the marketing campaign attracts to an in depth, he stated: “I know there are millions of people who are still making up their minds about who to vote for.

“As we saw the other night, it’s not over until it’s over and I think a lot of these commentators want to depress people into thinking it doesn’t matter, the result is a foregone conclusion.

“But I say let’s pull together and prove them wrong.

“Let’s send a signal that Britain is a country where people do want their taxes cut, they want immigration reduced and they want pensioners who have worked hard all their life to be looked after.

“That’s what is at stake in this election. They are the things I believe in, that’s what I think Express readers believe in.

“Your vote counts, your voice counts so please use it wisely.”

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Two new opinion polls put Labour sustaining a big lead over the Conservatives in second and Reform in third place.

Savanta places Labour Labour on 39%, the Conservatives 24% and Reform on 13% whereas JL Partners had the identical figures for the 2 main events however Reform on 16%.

Mr Sunak insisted current historical past is “littered with pollsters, commentators and people thinking they know the result but I don’t take people for granted”.

The PM acknowledged that Nigel Farage has been “compelling” however stated backing Reform would result in a Labour authorities that “punishes” individuals who have labored laborious and performed the precise factor.

He stated Thursday’s vote is “not a free hit without consequences” and the ache will probably be felt “in your pay cheque, your pension with your car tax”.

“So I would say to people, take a proper look, what price are you willing to pay?”

“A vote for anyone else, whether that’s Reform, Labour, Lib Dems or anyone is ultimately a vote for Labour to punish you as someone who has worked hard, done the decent thing and put a bit aside,” he added.

“What I would also say is voting Reform, I’m afraid, waving the white flag to socialism.

“I’ll be direct. Nigel Farage may be compelling to people but that won’t help you when Keir Starmer has taxed your family to the hilt, has means tested away your winter fuel allowance and given an amnesty to illegal migrants who Angela Rayner is right now allocating against your will to your local town and community.

“So my message is vote Conservative, stick with us and don’t surrender to socialism.”

Speaking to the Express for the second time in the course of the marketing campaign, Mr Sunak issued a private message to readers.

He stated: “Thank you to Express readers and the British people because I know it’s been a difficult few years. We have taken two massive blows as a country with covid and Ukraine and they have taken a toll.

“But we have come through it together, Britain has proved to be incredibly resilient and we are rebounding strongly.

“Fastest growing economy, surging forward in the industries of the future, standing tall on the world stage.

“So those people who wrote Britain off were wrong and they are wrong again to write off conservative views, which I I know are also the views of Express readers.

“I won’t give up fighting but I also need Express readers to make their voices count this Thursday as well.”

Mr Sunak stated he understood individuals’s frustration “with me, with the party”.

“I know things have not been easy,” he stated. “We haven’t got everything perfectly right, I get that.

But he urged readers to “think about the future” and have the boldness in him to ship on the problems that matter.

Labour chief Sir Keir Starmer stated yesterday (TUES) that he needs a giant majority so he can ship the “difficult” adjustments he needs to make.

But Mr Sunak warned if Labour is given a “blank cheque” by voters “they won’t be able to get it back”.

He stated an unchecked Labour authorities with an excellent majority will probably be “very damaging” for individuals’s funds and stated the celebration will “rig the system” to entrench themselves in energy by way of votes for 16-year-olds.

Mr Sunak stated: “He doesn’t believe on a point of principle that people at 16 are adults and should have all the rights and responsibilities that come with that.

“It’s only the voting age that he’s thinking of changing because he thinks it will help him.

“So you have to ask yourself, what’s next? Is it votes for EU migrants? Is it votes for prisoners? God knows.”

Mr Sunak instructed how his grandparents got here to the UK and inside two generations he has the “enormous privilege” of being Prime Minister.

“I love our country for what it has done for my family and I’m enormously grateful for what it’s done for me and my family.

“I don’t think my story would be possible pretty much anywhere else in the world.

“That’s why I will work day and night to try and make a difference to people in the way that this country made a difference to my family.”

He added: “I don’t give up on what I believe. I’m fighting for my values, for conservative values.

“Most of all I’m fighting for what I believe is right for our country because this could be the most consequential election for Britain’s future for decades.

“If people give me the chance to serve for the next five years I will make it count.

“There are no shortcuts, progress does take hard work and you know with me I will always work my socks off for you.”