The Government of public employment: Sánchez has already known as for greater than 220,000 civil servant positions | EUROtoday

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The Government will approve the general public employment supply for 2024 on the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, as confirmed yesterday by the Minister for Digital Transformation and the Civil Service, José Luis Escrivá. There can be greater than 40,000 positions, the unions say, and with this historic determine, Pedro Sánchez's Executive has already gathered More than 220,000 locations of civil servants known as since 2018.

The name for functions for that 12 months was already made official by the socialist authorities and consisted of 23,156 positions. In the next 12 months, in 2019, the determine already exceeded 29,000 positions, and though in 2020 there was a pause within the upward development, since that 12 months the figures have rebounded very considerably. So a lot in order that the general public employment supply for 2024 It would be the first to beat that barrier with a capability of 40,000 seats and subsequently the biggest in historical past.

The distribution of the supply, in line with the info supplied by the Government to the unions throughout the negotiations, is as follows. In the General State Administration (AGE) there can be simply over 20,000 open positions, to which have to be added “a number not less than”, in line with the Executive, 10,600 positions for inside promotion. In addition, for the Armed Forces, State Security Forces and Corps, 6,520 open positions and a pair of,161 for inside promotion can be introduced. In whole, 40,121 positions.

It is, undoubtedly, the Government of public employment. This is demonstrated by the figures already talked about and likewise by the statements of these in cost. Escrivá, for instance, identified in one in every of his first interventions as Minister of Public Service that public employment accounts for round 16% of whole employment in Spain, whereas the OECD common was 18%. And that the Government was dedicated to converging with this determine, which signifies that there could be room for some 400,000 potential new civil servants. Just yesterday, in a parliamentary response reported by Europa Press, the Executive harassed that it’s “Absolutely necessary» increase the percentage of public employment in the Spanish labour market, and in the 2025 General Budget it has decided to eliminate the replacement rate.

The comparison with previous governments, moreover, only confirms the commitment of this Government to public employment. During the era of Mariano Rajoy, the figures barely exceeded 20,000 jobs in the last years of his mandate, very far from the current figures. It is true that during the financial crisis this Government decided to freeze public contracting and also that the current Government has to face a massive retirement of AGE workers.

Precisely because of this last point, the unions are harshly criticizing the Government and rejecting the figures on job offers, even though they are historic. CSIF maintains that the offer “maintains the alternative chargereduces web job creation and doesn’t assure the execution of deadlines. “This public employment offer is a brake on the renewal of staff, since it reduces net job creation in the State Administration by 6.10%. In addition, it must be taken into account that in the next eight years 60% of the staff will foreseeably retire,” they add.

“The AGE More than 65,000 people are still pending to be incorporated to reach the levels existing before the last economic crisis, which represents a deficit of 28% that will not find an answer in the figures presented by the Government,” CCOO explains, whereas mentioning that within the General State Administration “it takes more than three years for the job offer to be transformed into a new worker.”

UGT, alternatively, did approve the general public employment supply, making it the one one of many three fundamental public sector unions to assist it. “Progress is being made in the creation of net employment, which is so necessary to rejuvenate the workforce in the AGE” and this can be “the last year in which the replacement rate will be applied,” this union factors out.

Salary enhance

The public employment supply, in any case, can be accredited every week after the Government delivered to the Council of Ministers the two% wage enhance for civil servants, which is able to add an extra 0.5% when the inflation determine is confirmed subsequent 12 months. “The 2% revaluation in 2024 will be effective retroactively from January 1, to which an additional 0.5% may be added depending on inflation. The calculation will be made in January of next year,” defined the First Vice President and Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero,

With this enhance, public staff may have seen a wage enhance of just about 10% within the final three years, however this settlement, which was signed in 2022, expires this 12 months. For this cause, the unions have already identified that it’s essential to start negotiating one other wage enhance framework with which they hope that public staff will achieve buying energy.