UK common election dwell: Postal vote delays spark ‘urgent’ probe as Reform says Tories have ‘broken Britain’ | EUROtoday

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Parties start a 48-hour blitz round constituencies to ship a ultimate enchantment to voters.

But with solely two days to go till polling day, 1000’s concern lacking on the common election as delays in postal poll packs rock the nation.

Many individuals in Scotland who’ve signed for postal vote have reported not receiving their poll paper.

The postal affairs minister introduced it’s now “urgently” investigating delays to postal ballots being delivered.

Reform’s Richard Tice accused the Tories of “breaking Britain” in a conflict with BBC’s Nick Robinson on Radio 4.

The celebration chairman was pressed on whether or not he would do to the proper what Marine Le Pen did to the far proper in France, saying a “complete realignment of the right of politics” is required.

As a part of as we speak’s marketing campaign path, Rishi Sunak will likely be in Oxfordshire the place he’ll warn supporters to “stop a Labour supermajority”.

Sir Keir Starmer, who boasts a secure 24-point lead within the polls, will likely be make a number of visits across the nation in a bid to persuade undecided voters.


Parties put together to wrap up the overall election marketing campaign

As the overall election marketing campaign involves an finish, events are sharpening their key messages within the hopes of convincing the previous few undecided voters earlier than 4 July.

  • Rishi Sunak will likely be talking from Oxfordshire the place he’ll urge wavering Tory voters to stay together with his celebration to make sure a swing away from a Labour “supermajority”.
  • Sir Keir Starmer is anticipated to spend one of many ultimate days on the marketing campaign path making a number of visits throughout England. The Labour will then head to London to ship a speech tonight.
  • Liberal Democrat chief Sir Ed Davey will likely be within the south west revisiting one of many celebration’s key priorities: ending the “sewage scandal”.
  • First Minister and SNP chief John Swinney is ready to go to a distillery as he calls on Scotland to reject Westminster austerity cuts from the subsequent Labour authorities.

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Sunak guarantees to battle till the ‘last moment’

Rishi Sunak has stated he’ll battle for each vote till the “last moment of his campaign”.

With the Tories struggling to shut the 24-point lead with Labour, it’s put to the prime minister that the competition might be accomplished and dusted.

The PM rejected defeat and stated: “I was up at 4 this morning talking to workers at a distribution facility, I am here talking to you, I will be out til the last moment of this campaign because I think it is a really important choice for the country.

“If we stick twitch his we can continue to cut people’s taxes, we can continue to bring down migration, a clear plan to stop the boats, protect people’s pensions.”

Salma Ouaguira2 July 2024 08:47


Is ‘Labour supermajority’ the language of defeat?

Rishi Sunak is now chatting with BBC Breakfast from a Morrsons Supermarket in Oxfordshire.

The prime minister has been requested concerning the motive he shifted to warning a couple of Labour “supermajority” as an alternative of speaking about his manifesto.

Mr Sunak denied the claims are a part of language of defeat and insisted an enormous majority for Labour in Westminster would make them “unaccountable”.


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Shadow well being secretary Wes Streeting has stated assaults on Sir Keir Starmer after he advised Virgin Radio he doesn’t often do something work-related after 6pm on a Friday are a “total disgrace”.

Asked on Times Radio if he would work past 6pm on a Friday, Mr Streeting stated: “I’m sure I will be and I’m sure Keir will be doing so too.

“The attacks on him are a total disgrace and it shows how far these people have fallen, how heavily they’re scraping the barrel and why they need to be removed from office on Thursday.”

He added: “Let me say something about the Conservative Party. The party that turned Number 10 into a giant lockdown party now wants to lecture others on their work ethic.

“It’s a disgrace and the stench of their lies and hypocrisy is even more overwhelming than the vomit they left for Downing Street cleaners, and like those cleaners we’ll clean up the Tories’ mess too if we’re given the chance on Thursday, and as far as I’m concerned, given their behaviour this morning, that change can’t come soon enough.”

(Virgin Radio)

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Coutinho: Party simply 130,000 voters away from stopping Labour landslide

Energy Secretary Claire Coutinho has echoed Rishi Sunak’s declare that simply 130,000 voters might forestall a Labour landslide.

She advised LBC Radio: “It’s never over till it’s over. What I would say is that lots of people, if they look at the press, they might think the election is a foregone conclusion.

“Actually, it’s a relatively small amount of voters across the country – about 130,000 people have been estimated – who can make the difference in this election.”

Asked by presenter Nick Ferrari whether or not these voters might carry a couple of Tory victory, she stated: “There’s quite a lot of seats that are very, very marginal, Nick. So, actually, just a handful of voters in those seats can change the outcome in those seats.”

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Pictured: Sunak stacks loaves of bread out at Morrisons

Rishi Sunak visits the Morrisons supermarket as part of a Conservative general election campaign event, in Carterton
Rishi Sunak visits the Morrisons grocery store as a part of a Conservative common election marketing campaign occasion, in Carterton (REUTERS)
(Jonathan Brady/PA Wire)

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Tories: ‘Unrealistic’ of Starmer to purpose to complete working at 6pm

It is “unrealistic” of Sir Keir Starmer to purpose to complete working at 6pm on Fridays, Energy Secretary Claire Coutinho has stated.

She advised LBC Radio: “I do think that it’s pretty unrealistic for a prime minister not to work past 6pm.

“I also think it’s a bit odd because they’re also saying they want to make people in the NHS work overtime and at weekends, so I think to do that on one hand, and on the other hand say that you’re not going to work past 6pm is a bit tin-eared.

“Like I said, I haven’t really seen what he was driving at, but I think he’s going to get a shock if he goes into government and thinks that he doesn’t have to work past 6pm.”

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Streeting: ‘Time for the circus in Downing Street to come back to an finish’

Wes Streeting has accused the Conservatives of “lying about Labour” and “slinging mud” forward of polling day.

It comes because the Tories insistently warned voters in opposition to a Labour “supermajority” in Westminster.

Responding to criticism, Wes Streeting stated there was “so much potential” underneath a possible Sir Keir Starmer management.

The shadow well being secretary advised BBC Breakfast: “You’ve mentioned this morning the two leaders setting out their visions for Britain. I don’t think that is a fair summary of what’s going on this morning, actually.

“I think Labour’s setting out its vision and the Conservative Party is slinging mud and attacking this nonsensical idea of a super-majority, because they can’t defend their own record.

“They will just lie about Labour and they will lie about Labour’s plans. It’s time for the circus in Downing Street to come to an end and that can only happen if people vote Labour on Thursday.”


Salma Ouaguira2 July 2024 08:13


Tice: ‘Tories have damaged Britain’

Reform’s chairman Richard Tice has clashed with BBC’s Nick Robinson on Radio 4’s Today programme.

Mr Tice was requested whether or not he needed to do to the proper within the UK what Marine Le Pen did to the far proper in France.

He stated: “You cannot reward failure and the Tories have broken Britain,” and added a “complete realignment of the right of politics” is required.

Asked whether or not voters might be turned off by “violently extreme views from Reform candidates”, Mr Tice stated: “Let me tell you, on the doors where I am campaigning support is absolutely rock solid like we have never known before.

“People are not buying into this absolute nonsense being perpetrated.”

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Breaking: Post Office minister ‘urgently’ investigates delays to postal ballots

The Post Office minister is “urgently” investigating delays to postal ballots.

Postal affairs minister Kevin Hollinrake has hit out at Royal Mail for not delivering in time the paper ballots for the overall election.

Health minister Ms Caulfield advised Sky News: “Kevin is taking this very seriously. He’s in direct contact with the Royal Mail.

“It doesn’t seem to be an issue in my constituency, but I know a number of colleagues where people haven’t received their postal votes and are worried about that.

“Kevin is investigating this urgently. I know there’s extra resources going into this to try and do a sweep of all the sorting offices and make sure they’re out there.

“If people have only just received their postal vote, they can take it to their polling station on election day and it will still be counted.”

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