Biden says he ‘almost fell asleep’ throughout debate and blames poor efficiency on jet lag | EUROtoday

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Joe Biden has blamed jet lag for his poor debate efficiency on Thursday after two abroad journeys earlier in June.

The US President has confronted mounting questions on his 2024 re-election bid after final week’s shaky debate efficiency, with one House of Representatives fellow Democrat on Tuesday publicly calling on him to withdraw from the race.

Speaking at a marketing campaign occasion in McLean, Virginia, on Tuesday night, Mr Biden admitted the controversy towards Donald Trump didn’t go nicely.

“I didn’t have my best night, but the fact is that you know, I wasn’t very smart,” Mr Biden stated.

“I decided to travel around the world a couple times, going through around 100 time zones … before … the debate.

“Didn’t listen to my staff and came back and nearly fell asleep on stage,” he stated.

“That’s no excuse but it is an explanation.”