“For the past two weeks, I have been doing sport to calm down, but also with the idea that we are entering an era of combat.” | EUROtoday

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“I am sad and I think a lot about my father, who died when I was 25. I tell myself that he would turn in his grave – even if his ashes rest in the ocean… – because he always thought that far-right ideas were harmful to humanity. It makes me want to swim in Lancieux Bay, in Côtes-d'Armor, to feel like I am with him. It might be a consolation, even if I am not very optimistic. I am frightened, even. The idea of ​​the “great replacement”, conveyed by the National Rally and by many different events on the planet, is for me the resurgence of what occurred through the Second World War. After the Holocaust, there was this components: “Never again.” But, as soon as an idea, nonetheless despicable, exists, it may be repeated.

It has turn into an obsession. I watch the information feeds, I go to sleep at 2 or 3 within the morning. During the day, I’m drained. My political nervousness provides to my workload, to household tensions with a considerably tough teenager. I publish lots on Facebook, telling myself that it’d contact one or two individuals. I additionally speak to my family members, however I don't have many individuals to persuade: all of us assume just about the identical, we vote for the New Popular Front. There is just the son of my mom's finest buddy who has been brazenly voting RN, in Brittany, for a very long time. He has no cash issues, however he isn’t very joyful. There is a bitterness in him that I’ve by no means managed to combat. The dialogue is difficult, we each know that we received't persuade one another, however I can't assist however inform him that he's kidding.

In truth, we should always take our little pilgrim's bag and take a tour of France to debate humanely with all those that consider that their issues come from immigrants. Yesterday, my associate and I had been joking that RN voters from areas the place immigration could be very low ought to do a two-month internship in Paris, to see that it’s not hell to stay collectively!

“The defeat is already here”

I do know that we should not surrender, however defeat is already right here. In 2002, when Jean-Marie Le Pen discovered himself within the second spherical of the presidential election, there was a fraternal tidal wave to unite in opposition to him. On June 15, once I went to the primary demonstration after the European election outcome, there have been fewer individuals within the streets. I’ve the sensation that many may accommodate the acute proper in energy.

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