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” Darling, you got to let me know, should I stay or should I go? » Like in the Clash song, Joe Biden must decide, after his cataclysmic debate against Donald Trump, whether he should stay or go. Officially, the White House is holding its course in the storm. There is no question of throwing in the towel and handing over to another Democrat for the presidential election on November 5. But faced with poor polls, doubts from his supporters, donors and party officials about his age, the American president is desperate. He hopes to survive the long July 4 holiday weekend and prove with an interview on ABC and two campaign rallies that he has the energy, but above all the ability, to continue.

The challenge is immense. Last Thursday, America saw, live, a president diminished by the weight of years. He had several incomprehensible answers. At times, he looked vacant, his mouth open, his expression absent, almost frozen. In 90 minutes, the election, which he hoped would make a choice between democracy and Donald Trump, turned into a referendum on his ability to remain the commander in chief of the United States until he is 86.

Down in the polls

The consequences of the earthquake are only just beginning to be felt, according to a survey published Wednesday by the New York TimesJoe Biden has lost 3 points since the debate. Donald Trump now leads nationally by 6 points, 49% to 43%, among voters most likely to turn out. It's the biggest gap in the Republican's favor since the newspaper began measuring it in 2015.

READ ALSO After Joe Biden's failed debate, the Democratic Party in crisisThe bad news doesn’t stop there. Now, 74% of respondents believe Joe Biden is too old to properly serve as president, up 5 percentage points. And according to a CNN survey, three in four Americans believe Democrats would have a better chance in November with someone other than Joe Biden.

The pressure is mounting

In the three days following the debate, the New York Timesbut also theAJCthe newspaper of record in Georgia, a crucial state in November, called on Biden to step down. On Tuesday, the levee gave way in Congress. “I am hopeful that he will make the difficult and painful decision to step down. I respectfully urge him to do so,” wrote Texas Democrat Lloyd Doggett.

Publicly, Barack Obama reiterated his support for his former vice president the day after the debate. But privately, he reportedly expressed concern to close associates about Biden's reelection chances, according to the Washington PostOn MSNBC, the former leader of the Democrats in the House, Nancy Pelosi, considered that the questions about the American president's abilities were “reliable”. She invited him to grant interviews to “critical journalists” to reassure voters.

READ ALSO Joe Biden, the former excellent candidateMessage received: Biden will be on ABC on Friday and then hold a press conference next week—an exercise he has rarely done so far—to prove that he can still speak without a teleprompter. He is also scheduled to attend campaign rallies in Michigan and Pennsylvania on Thursday and Friday, and he hosted Democratic governors on Wednesday night. Two of them, including Tim Walz of Minnesota, gave him their endorsements, saying he was “fit.”

Neither Alzheimer's nor dementia, assures the White House

For a week, the White House spokeswoman has been trying as best she can to put out the fire in front of incredulous American journalists. “Does he have Alzheimer's, a type of dementia or degeneration that explains these absences?” “No,” replied Karine Jean-Pierre. On Wednesday, she insisted again: Joe Biden was suffering from a cold and jet lag after his two trips to Europe for the D-Day commemorations and then for the G7. “I didn't take heed to my staff, and I nearly fell asleep on the stage” of the debate, Biden justified… even though he had 12 days to recover from jet lag, including a full week at Camp David to prepare for the debate.

READ ALSO What are the consequences of Joe Biden's live shipwreck? Joe Biden has been a regular at falling out and making slips of the tongue for years. But in recent months, “he has proven indicators of personal decline,” the Wall Street Journallast month, an observation made anonymously by several White House aides, with a president who forgets certain details and has more difficulty following meetings. His failures are “extra frequent and extra worrying,” the New York Times this Tuesday. The daily notably cites European officials “shocked” by Biden's state in Italy last month.

Replace it, but by whom?

Joe Biden does not seem to be in complete denial. According to several American media outlets, he is aware that the next few days will be critical and that he absolutely must convince Americans that he is up to the task. But during a conference call with his campaign teams, according to Politico, he insisted: “I’m the candidate. No one goes to push me out. I’m not stepping apart. I’m on this race till the tip and we’re going to win it.” Joe Biden's shut associates, his spouse, Jill, and his son, Hunter, are encouraging him to maintain preventing, recalling that each one the media had buried him firstly of the 2020 primaries… earlier than he received the nomination after which the election.

For Democrats, the clock is ticking. The guidelines of the conference, which can happen in Chicago from August 19 to 22, are such that changing Joe Biden towards his will is sort of not possible. If he have been to voluntarily determine to withdraw, who would take up the torch? According to a CNN ballot, Kamala Harris would have the very best probability, with simply two factors behind Donald Trump, in comparison with 4 for former candidate and present Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, and 5 for Gavin Newsom and Gretchen Whitmer, the governors of California and Michigan.

Donald Trump, for his half, observes the implosion of his adversary from a distance. And, for as soon as, in silence.