What to learn about U.K. election: Conservative collapse, Labour revival | EUROtoday

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LONDON — Britain is on the point of large change. Unless the polls are spectacularly flawed, the center-left Labour Party will sweep into energy Friday, ending 14 years of Conservative Party rule.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak didn’t must name an election earlier than the tip of the yr, however he determined to gamble, hoping that the polls would chop. They haven’t, actually. The Conservatives are deeply unpopular. Voters don’t belief them to deal with the economic system, one of many occasion’s conventional sturdy factors. The voters are upset about hovering prices, excessive rates of interest, stagnant wages and overwhelmed public companies. A tetchy mob is hungry for change, even whether it is unclear what meaning. Some polls predict that Labour may win greater below its chief, Keir Starmer, than it did throughout Tony Blair’s landslide victory for the occasion in 1997.