Keir Starmer’s first speech sparks fury for obvious omission | Politics | News | EUROtoday

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Keir Starmer has sparked fury inside minutes of turning into Prime Minister. The Labour chief pulled up outdoors Downing Street after assembly King Charles at Buckingham Palace shortly after 12.30pm.

Thunderous applause rang out from the gang as bystanders waved flags and cheered.

However, eagle-eyed viewers could not assist however discover one obvious omission.

They famous that the gang had been given Union, Welsh and Saltire flags however England’s St George’s flag was noticeably lacking.

This prompted fury with many complaining of the “poor optics”, accusing the brand new PM of “starting as he means to go on”.

One individual fumed: “Why is no one flying a wee St George cross flag in Dowing Street? I see the Saltire, Welsh dragon & Union Flag but no English flags? Seems quite poor optics.”

Another requested: “Where’s the St George Cross?”

A 3rd exploded: “Where’s the f***ing Cross of St George flags?

“Only been Prime Minister for 5 minutes and he is f****d up.”

“Just watching the group in Downing Street waving flags, truthful sufficient however the place’s the English flag,” another chimed in. “They have Union flags, Saltires and Welsh.

“Where’s the Cross of St George? Aye, start as you mean to go on right enough.”

In his first speech as Prime Minister, Sir Keir vowed to “rebuild the country”.

He mentioned: “Changing a country is not like flicking a switch. The world is now a more volatile place. This will take a while.

“But have no doubt that the work of change begins immediately. Have no doubt that we will rebuild Britain, with wealth created in every community. Our NHS back on its feet facing the future. Secure borders, safer streets, everyone treated with dignity and respect at work. The opportunity of clean British power, cutting your energy bills for good.

“Brick by brick, we will rebuild the infrastructure of opportunity. The world-class schools and colleges, the affordable homes that I know are the ingredients of hope for working people. The security, the working-class families like mine could build their lives around.”