Live ticker for the election in Great Britain: Starmer new Prime Minister | EUROtoday

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On Friday, the London Independent newspaper commented on the Labour Party’s election victory:

“At this point, it seems petty to claim that Labour won its first general election in nearly two decades because it is 'not the Tory party'. But even the most ardent supporters of Labour leader Keir Starmer would admit there is something in that.

The Tories have done themselves far more damage in recent years than Labour and the other parties could ever have done. Constantly divided, addicted to intrigue, prone to bizarre cases of sleazy behaviour and starved of energy, talent and ideas, there was less and less justification for them being granted an historic and unprecedented fifth consecutive term in office. (…)

It is disappointing that Sir Keir has ruled out the possibility of the United Kingdom rejoining the EU single market during his lifetime. This is a strange, even unrealistic, absolute declaration of intent – because this general election is the clearest indicator of how far public opinion has changed with regard to Brexit.”