Samantha Bee Rips Dems’ Post-Debate Move As ‘Pathetic’ And ‘Mean’ | EUROtoday

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The former host of TBS’ “Full Frontal” described watching Biden’s head-to-head with former president and now-presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump “in a state of horror, sadness, and frankly anger.”

Subsequent Democratic portrayals of Biden as truly “fine” infuriated her, she defined.

Bee wrote, “Obviously I am a democratic voter. If that is not obvious to you then I do not even know. But HOO BOY do I LOATHE being made aware of the size and scope of the democratic party machine. I saw what I saw. Do not ask me to wipe my brain clean with a neuralizer and tell me everything is fine.”

“This is pathetic. It is mean,” she continued. “It is the HEIGHT of arrogance to tell us that what we all saw with our own eyes is false. We aren’t stupid.”

Biden ought to step apart however probably received’t, predicted Bee.

“Of COURSE whatever happens I am voting straight Democrat, don’t be ridiculous,” she added. “I’d literally vote for a greasy pizza plate over Donald Trump. I’d vote for a herpes riddled pigeon. Frankly, I’d vote NOT to have a president for a while over Donald Trump.”

Bee’s TBS present was canceled in 2022 after seven seasons. She routinely ripped Trump and his administration throughout blistering monologues and in 2018 drew the ire of then-President Trump himself after she known as his daughter and White House adviser Ivanka Trump a “feckless cunt.”