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Iules, 25, of French mom and German father, grew up in Berlin and is on the lookout for work in Paris. He is amazed: “I grew up surrounded by people who told me that it was great to have two nationalities, two cultures, to speak two languages. As I grew up, I realized that this dual identity that I carry within me is a real wealth and I would like to understand why the National Rally does not consider dual nationals suitable for certain positions. It is certainly not because we are less good than the others.”

Dual nationality versus globalization

Jules shouldn’t be fooled. “Why sort between people who are 100% French and those who are only half French? There is a racist intention behind this, of course. I am white and blond, but I think of my Franco-Moroccan friend. He is directly targeted by this measure which, I am sure, was not designed for Franco-Germans or Franco-Italians.”

In the period of globalization, this view of the world is so out of contact with actuality.

This trainer at a French highschool in Berlin attended by many twin nationals is outraged: “What a perfidious idea! What does it mean? My bicultural brain is incapable of understanding the meaning of this measure. There is such a mix in society. So we should ban Erasmus programs to prevent the formation of binational couples who have binational children. In the era of globalization, this view of the world is so out of touch with reality. I don't think this idea will catch on.”

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The announcement of the RN venture has deeply shaken the French overseas. Among them, 30% are twin nationals. This measure appears all of the extra absurd from a German perspective since new laws on twin nationality got here into power just a few days in the past: foreigners dwelling in Germany for not less than 5 years can apply for a German passport with out giving up their authentic nationality.