Kristi Noem’s Shot At Kamala Harris Backfires Immediately | EUROtoday

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South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) says Kamala Harris isn’t relatable, and critics suppose she may have to do some introspection.

“She has an inability to communicate common sense to the American people. They just can’t relate to her,” Noem informed “Hannity” visitor host Jason Chaffetz on Fox News Wednesday. “And so, you know, if Joe Biden steps down and it is Kamala Harris, gosh, you know, that’s going to be an interesting race because she’s just as bad as he is.”

Noem communicated to the American folks in her memoir that she shot her 14-month-old pet in a gravel pit as a result of it had behavioral points. Amid intense backlash forward of the e book’s May launch, she doubled down and defended the choice to kill the pup.

With all that in thoughts, critics on social media raised their brows at her Harris swipe. See a few of these reactions beneath.