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Lesbian and bisexual ladies have been speaking for years, particularly amongst themselves. At the start of the pandemic, they started to appear in the identical podcasts via which their cis and feminist colleagues received the assist of the general public via self-financing and with out going via normal tv. “We have always been there,” says Nerea Pérez de las Heras, creator of We will come out higher (Podium Podcast), The regular (Cadena SER) and scriptwriter in The oven is prepared for buns (Playz), the brand new area for ladies's illustration queer from RTVE. The distinction now’s that they’re the presenters and scriptwriters of applications that debate points that minimize throughout all of the letters of the LGTBIQ+ group and that additionally take care of “a lot of concerns, reflections and interests that go far beyond our identities and orientations,” says David Velduque, head of Queer taste (Neurads).

Laura Terciado and Bake Gómez began with Damn Bollodrama (Radio Primavera Sound) on the finish of 2021 when, after analysing how Anglo-Saxon and Latin LGTBIQ+ podcast content material went viral on networks like TikTok. “There were hardly any in Spain, so we took advantage of that gap,” explains Terciado. “We started recording episodes taking the algorithm into account,” continues the journalist specialising in social media. “We had to respond to a demand and TikTok works on topics, at that time those that have to do with clichés about lesbians.”

Bake Gómez and Laura Terciado, creators of the podcast 'Maldito bollodrama'.
Bake Gómez and Laura Terciado, creators of the podcast 'Maldito bollodrama'.BELIKLEIN

That is, step one: speaking concerning the distinction between the phrases dyke and lesbian; how ladies come out of the closet; lesbian intercourse; the adolescences wherein their need for his or her friends was stolen or silenced… “In a few months we got more than 30,000 views per episode,” Terciado says. Two years later, Damn Bollodrama is a part of Radio Primavera Sound, with a mean of fifty,000 month-to-month listeners, 1.8 million since February 2022 and a complete of just about 200,000 listeners, based on knowledge from the platform.

“It is a strategy to appeal to the sense of belonging of our community. Feeling that you belong somewhere is the spice of life: whether in Opus Dei or among lesbians. From there you can turn stereotypes around a thousand times, you can destroy them, reconstruct them, make jokes about them…”, provides Pérez de las Heras. The oven is prepared for buns has begun with this premise of explaining and dismantling clichés. “It's a bit like shouting to the world that we exist,” says Ares Teixidó, a tv presenter and now additionally of this podcast on RTVE's Playz, directed by Adriana Jiménez and Leticia Romero. “It's difficult to find the means to make this type of programme,” says her colleague Paula Bas, a soccer participant within the Queen's League. The first is 37 years previous, the second 24. One represents the millennials and the opposite the Zs, just like the visitors of the video podcast. This components of generational debate has allowed them to achieve fifteenth place within the rating of the podcasts most listened to in Spain on Spotify, whereas the movies of the primary episode have already accrued greater than 4 million views, 80,000 interactions and 1.2 million impressions on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

David Velduque, responsible for 'Sabor a Queer'.
David Velduque, liable for 'Sabor a Queer'.Alcazar

Velduque contains one other side: the necessity for a bunch to really feel represented. “We used to be the joke, the weird, the scabrous, a bit of the monstrous on TV,” says the filmmaker. Queer taste It has a direct hyperlink to tv from the title of the podcast impressed by this system Taste of the which Ana Rosa Quintana offered on the finish of the nineties. “It was one of those talk shows “There were women leading groups where sometimes we felt a bit seen through other people,” Velduque continues, “now the lady who presented it is a bit lost.”

Once they’d thrown the bait to seize the eye of the group, these podcasts have served to substantiate that, for instance, the implications of romantic love have an effect on a lesbian and a heterosexual in the identical manner. In the final episode of Damn Bollodramathe author Sara Torres raises a mirrored image that serves as empirical affirmation of why these podcasts should not, within the phrases of Velduque, “spaces for minorities”. The creator of The seduction She explains the violence that lesbian youngsters undergo when they’re pressured to have relations with males to “find out whether or not you are heterosexual.” The poet additionally goes one step additional: “There is a script of sexual exercises that feminized bodies must follow.” “It has to do with heterosexuality as a starting point.” “Heterosexual girls also have to prepare themselves for a specific type of sexual relationship.”

It is reel The Instagram publish has already accrued greater than 240,000 views. A look on the feedback makes it simple to establish that it’s not simply lesbians applauding Torres' reflection. “We talk about the concerns, problems and dreams of people today,” Velduque continues, “we do it from this place of honesty, closeness and, although it sounds a bit cloying, from the heart. All of these podcasts They are a bit like the key to a new society, paraphrasing Paul B. Preciado [escritor] in Dysphoria of the World”. And he provides: “We are destroying the system from within and with the very weapons that the system gives us.”

Terciado and Pérez de las Heras agree on one factor: they don't lose sleep if heterosexual males don't seem among the many profiles of their audiences. “If José María, the 20-year-old heterosexual, doesn't take heed to us, doesn't be taught, doesn't destigmatize sure points, it doesn't matter to me, what we do for instance in The regular “It is a much more important task, a job of recovering the historical memory of voices of Francoism in Spain that are going to be silenced and that are not documented. The repression and punishment of LGBT people has been very brutal,” explains the journalist. “In Damn Bollodrama We removed the description of 'a podcast for lesbians', this does not mean that we are going to dedicate ourselves to convincing those who push us aside: 'You are a gentleman, I am not going to speak to you, if you want to hear it, welcome, but the message is not for you because you know that we are talking about what your gender has done in a hegemonic manner.”

If with the rise of the podcasts of the comics like Stretching the gumthe idea that the universal, the mainstream, It was, after all, the imposition of what a gentleman likes, these spaces have ended up questioning this canon. The question that hovers is whether the need for a final validation still persists. That is, whether those who lead these programs and the topics they deal with still have to go through the filter of the general media. “The normative, hegemonic view, mainstream “It is not capable of perceiving things until they are already over-dimensioned,” says Pérez de las Heras, anticipating the chance that within the short-term these contents will likely be transferred to tv, all the time after a filtering course of. “We must manage to conquer more spaces,” continues Terciado. “Above all, the space of stability in whatever medium it may be,” concludes her colleague.

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