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Prisca Thevenot, in the courtyard of the Elysée, in Paris, July 3, 2024.

An grownup and a minor implicated within the assault on Wednesday in Meudon (Hauts-de-Seine) on authorities spokesperson Prisca Thevenot and her workforce have been indicted on Friday night, the Nanterre prosecutor's workplace instructed Agence France-Presse on Saturday July 6.

“The adult was placed in pre-trial detention and the minor [placé] under judicial supervision with an obligation to be placed in a closed educational center”the public prosecutor said.

The two persons brought before the court were charged with violence committed against an elected official, with or without a weapon, in the case of Thevenot or her deputy, Virginie Lanlo, and for group violence with a weapon against an activist, according to the same source.

Born in 2004, the young adult in question has been convicted twice, once for drug trafficking, the other for driving without a license and receiving stolen goods. The youngest, born in 2007, has “was tried twice for group theft and carrying a weapon, and is topic to a judicial instructional measure”according to a statement from the public prosecutor's office released on Friday. The custody of two other minors arrested on Wednesday had been lifted due to the lack of sufficient charges against them at this stage.

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Around fifty attacks

Mme Thevenot, candidate for the legislative elections in Hauts-de-Seine, and Mme Lanlo and her team were victims of an attack on Wednesday during a poster-posting operation. According to a source close to the case, they were attacked by about twenty people. The minister was not injured, but her colleague and an activist were injured and taken to hospital.

The latter's hospitalization is ” ongoing “the prosecution said in a statement published on Friday, which detailed that his total incapacity for work (ITT) “is presently estimated at thirty days”As for Virginie Lanlo, she currently has five days of temporary incapacity for work due to the violence she suffered and her vehicle was damaged.

The attack on Prisca Thevenot and her team had deeply shocked the political class, a few days before the second round of the early legislative elections. The last days of the campaign, which ended Friday evening, were marked by an increase in verbal and physical clashes.

Fifty-one candidates, substitutes or activists were “bodily assaulted” in recent days in France, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said on Friday.

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