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This Sunday, the primary day of the week in Israel, has been dubbed the Day of Resistance. Nine months have handed because the bloody armed battle broke out and protests are multiplying all through the nation. They start at 6:29 within the morning, the precise time at which Hamas launched the carnage during which some 1,200 individuals died on October 7. It was the ultimate blow to a battle whose finish just isn’t in sight within the quick time period, though lately there’s some hope for a ceasefire settlement.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sought to make his place clear as soon as once more on Sunday. “The prime minister’s firm position against the attempt to stop the army’s action in Rafah is what has led Hamas to enter into negotiations,” mentioned a press release from his workplace. The plan, which is being negotiated “with the approval of the president [Joe] Biden's” will serve to “return the hostages without interfering with the other objectives of the war,” the text adds. Netanyahu expressly cites his right to resume attacks once the captivity is over.

On a central street in Tel Aviv, in full sun and early in the afternoon, the soundtrack of the Star WarsIt is the signal that sends a thousand people marching down the avenue to the beat of drums, horns and trumpets while shouting against Netanyahu and in favor of a pact with Hamas that would allow the return of the hostages, kidnapped since October 7.

At the front of the march, a young man rings a bell to indicate that time is up. Among the participants are about twenty men and women who call themselves the Pink Front, dressed in that colour, with flags and LGBT+ symbols. Others carry signs with the faces of the captives or national flags to which a yellow ribbon has been added, a symbol of solidarity with the kidnapped. “Stop the war. Bibi out!” shouts a younger girl known as Eden, in reference to the nickname by which Netanyahu is popularly recognized, as she advances with the group in direction of an essential intersection. They preserve it blocked for a number of minutes with none incidents with both the police or the drivers.

The march is headed to the headquarters of the Histadrut, the country's trade union centre. Up to 150 companies have authorised their employees to take part in the protests despite Sunday being a working day, the daily reported. Times of Israel. Previously, similar acts of roadblocks and blockades had taken place in other areas of Tel Aviv. Police arrested half a dozen people and imposed fines on drivers who used their vehicles to block roads, according to local media. There was also a demonstration in Haifa, the large city in the north.

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As evening falls, protests continue to take place, including one that starts in a park next to the parliament building in Jerusalem and heads towards Netanyahu's private residence. Tel Aviv is also the scene of another rally, with thousands of citizens continuing to express their weariness.

A sticker in Tel Aviv showing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu kissing right-wing National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir.
A sticker in Tel Aviv showing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu kissing right-wing National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir. Luis de Vega

The fighting is in full swing, with more than 38,000 dead in Gaza, according to figures from the Gazan Ministry of Health, and the possibility of a full-scale war breaking out in the north between Israel and the Lebanese Shiite guerrilla group Hezbollah, supported by Iran. That border, which is being reinforced by the Israeli army, continues to be the site of daily attacks from both sides.

Despite everything, there is a certain hope in the air that an agreement could be reached that would lead to a truce and the release of the more than 100 hostages, some 40 of whom are already dead. The street does not hide its fear that, as on previous occasions, it will be Prime Minister Netanyahu who will be responsible for ruining the negotiations, something that has not been hidden even by the American president himself.

This was evident at the large demonstration in central Tel Aviv on Saturday, where the hostages' relatives called on the Israeli Prime Minister not to let the current opportunity for a truce slip away. Defence Minister Yoav Gallant himself admits that the Israeli government has never been so close to agreeing on the release of the prisoners from Gaza. “Prime Minister, give the negotiating crew time to come back again with an settlement. No citizen in Israel can dwell with this in peace, no matter their political stance,” demanded Danielle Aloni, who was released with her daughter Emilia after 49 days of captivity during the truce in the last week of November. “Trying to show the settlement right into a political recreation (…) is a basic violation of ethical ideas,” added Aloni.

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