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The Daily Express launches its personal manifesto to place you on the coronary heart of our job holding the Labour authorities to account.

Our ten pledges embody the problems that matter most to readers, together with defending Britain’s borders, social care reform and correct funding in our armed forces.

They additionally embody our greatest crusading successes – Brexit and the pension triple lock – which might be at all times liable to being chipped away at by ministers who had been by no means dedicated to them within the first place.

And we’ll at all times combat to guard girls’s rights after alarming and contradictory messages from Labour about single-sex areas.

Our mini-manifesto is backed as a “common sense agenda” that “all Conservatives should be able to unite behind” by Esther McVey.

The senior Tory mentioned it encapsulates what the general public wish to see as she urged her celebration to cease its “circular firing squad” and deal with holding Sir Keir to account.

Ms McVey wrote: “This is a programme that all Conservatives should be able to unite behind, and unite we must, as the country needs a united, focussed and disciplined Conservative Party to stand up to Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner.

“For far too long, there have been too many self-indulgent Conservatives who have been too busy talking about themselves and falling foul of Ronald Reagan’s famous 11th commandment – ‘thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Conservative’.

“We have tried circular firing squads – spending time shooting each other – and we must all accept they never work.

“Now is the time for all Conservatives to speak up for the country, get behind this sensible Daily Express manifesto, and turn all of our guns on taking down this ideas-free, principle-free Labour government.”

The Daily Express has labored in lockstep with Silver Voices to guard the triple lock, which implies the state pension rises by the best of two.5 per cent, wages rises or inflation.

Director Dennis Reed backed our pledges on defending the assure, in addition to our requires social care reform.

He mentioned: “The Express is spot on to put reform of social care as one of its campaigning priorities.

“We were disappointed that the Labour manifesto was so vague on this issue.

“The social care crisis is now, with 2.6 million older people not getting the social care support they need.

“The decline in availability of social care to keep people in their own homes has had an enormous impact on the NHS, and the problem of waiting lists and lack of hospital beds will never be resolved until social care is sorted out.

“With a huge majority, Labour can safely involve the other parties in seeking a cross-party solution fit for the 21st century.

“Silver Voices has worked closely with the Express to safeguard the triple lock over the last few years.

“Our joint campaign forced Labour to commit to the Lock for the whole of this Parliament and we will hold the new Government to that promise.

“We will also campaign to ensure that other potential policies such as taxing the state pension, or means-testing it, do not weaken this vital bulwark against pensioner poverty. “Urgent attention must be given to the lower personal tax allowance to make sure millions more older people are not brought into the tax system for the first time.”

Another crusade, to Protect Women’s Rights, also remains absolutely vital.

Sir Keir has repeatedly changed his position on key issues, including previously saying that some women could have penises.

Maya Forstater, chief executive officer at Sex Matters, said: “Keir Starmer promised to protect single-sex services: now he needs to deliver.

“This issue will not go away. Female athletes are being beaten by men in their own competitions, which is grossly and obviously unfair.

“NHS nurses are being forced to get changed in front of male colleagues. Police officers and courts are referring to rapists as ‘she’.

“There is a simple way for the new government to solve the problem: by bringing back a clear definition of ‘sex’ in law.

“Sir Keir needs to act swiftly to defend women’s rights against men identifying into women’s spaces. If he doesn’t, this issue will prove a thorn in his side as long as he is in power.”

The NHS has never got over the massive pressures the covid pandemic heaped on it and needs huge reform.

But one key area we are pushing for is a change in cancer care, with relatively inexpensive reforms that could have a huge impact.

Prof Pat Price, leading oncologist, chair of the charity Radiotherapy UK and co-founder of the #CatchUpWithCancer Campaign, said: “Upgrading our ageing radiotherapy machines and getting more of them, as well as supporting and expanding our world class front line workforce, is one of the most obvious ways to dramatically cut cancer treatment waiting times.

“Commitments for more diagnosis scanners are welcome and will improve early diagnosis. “But without more treatment, we’ll just be adding cancer patients to long waiting lists for treatment.

“There is an incredible opportunity to really help cancer patients and save more lives for a modest cost.

“New high tech radiotherapy treatments cost very little over their life and offer one of the best cure rates.

“They can reduce hospital visits from 20 or more to just one or two, thereby slashing waiting times.

“I can’t overstate the gratitude of the cancer community for the Express’s continued championing of the radiotherapy cause.”

Our commitment to protecting Britain’s borders, supporting armed forces personnel – serving as well as veterans – boosting economic growth, reviving the Great British high street and preserving our environment for generations to come are all part of our manifesto.

Admiral Lord West said: “It is good the Express is highlighting the significance of defence as for the last 14 years it has been paid a great deal of lip service but has had its revenue cut.

“Our forces are hollowed out and are unable to do what is predicted of them by our nation.”

Senior Conservative Neil O’Brien said: “Illegal immigration is totally unfair and fuels criminality.

“It isn’t honest to those that have performed by the foundations and contributed to this nation when different individuals push their strategy to the entrance of the queue.

“It was one of many greatest points within the election and it’s now important we do no matter it takes to cease this felony commerce.”

Former immigration chief Kevin Saunders said: “The scenario on the Channel has now reached a brand new disaster with the change of presidency. The solely deterrent on the desk is gone.

“If we are to have any chance of stopping the boats, we need to make the UK into a less attractive place for migrants to come to. We now have an extra 52,000 would-be asylum seekers to deal with.

“The new Home Secretary should instantly open talks with France about motion to forestall small boats leaving French territorial waters. This would imply that the French would deploy the Gendarmerie Maritime onto the Channel to intercept and return any small boats that left France.”