Biden, letter to Democrats in Congress: “I'm not leaving, the matter is closed” | EUROtoday

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“Democratic voters chose me”

We had a democratic nomination course of, and the voters spoke clearly and decisively. I obtained over 14 million votes, 87% of the votes forged in the complete nomination course of. I’ve practically 3,000 delegates, making me our occasion's presumptive nominee by a large margin.

It was an open course of for anybody to run. Only three individuals selected to problem me. One did so badly that he dropped out of the first to run as an impartial. Another attacked me for being too outdated and was soundly defeated. The Democratic Party voters voted. They selected me because the occasion’s nominee.”

“Are we to say that this process didn’t matter? That the voters have no say in this matter? I refuse to do so. I feel a deep obligation to the trust that the voters of the Democratic Party have placed in me to run this year. It was their decision. Not the press, not the pundits, not the big donors, not a select group of individuals, no matter how well-intentioned. The voters—and the voters alone—decide the Democratic Party’s nominee. How can we defend democracy in our nation if we ignore it in our own party? I cannot. I will not.”

Party divided

Anxiety is excessive as prime Democratic lawmakers be a part of requires Biden to step apart. At the identical time, a number of the president's most ardent supporters are doubling down on Biden's presidency, insisting there is no such thing as a one higher to beat Trump in what many contemplate to be some of the essential elections of their lifetimes.

Biden adopted up the letter with a telephone interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” by which he insisted that “average Democrats” need him to remain within the race and stated he was “frustrated” by occasion officers’ requires him to step apart. “They’re big names, but I don’t care what those big names think,” Biden stated.