Ex-Trump Aide Told To His Face On Live TV: ‘Makes You Sound Like A Racist’ | EUROtoday

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A former Trump White House aide was taken to job dwell on Newsmax for calling Vice President Kamala Harris a “DEI hire.”

John Ullyot, who served within the Department of Veterans Affairs and as National Security Council spokesperson in Donald Trump’s administration, first baselessly claimed former President Barack Obama has actually been “running the show” throughout Joe Biden’s presidency.

It meant the Democratic 2024 presidential nomination will now go to Harris (though Biden has steadfastly refused to give up his marketing campaign, regardless of rising calls to take action following his disastrous debate efficiency) as a result of “she was a DEI hire,” mentioned Ullyot.

Newsmax’s Sarah Williamson responded: “OK, the DEI thing I strongly disagree with here but this is not my place to have the disagreement.”

Columnist Ellis Henican, a Democrat, jumped in: “Yeah. You shouldn’t talk, John, you shouldn’t talk like that. It makes you sound like a racist. Don’t talk like that.”

“Look, it’s the party that embraces DEI,” Ullyot countered. “Those are the guys that put identity above qualifications.”

“Don’t talk like that,” Henican pushed again.