For the worldwide press, “there is great relief” within the face of the RN's blockage, however “the situation is far from rosy” | EUROtoday

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Place Stalingrad, in Paris, during a gathering of La France Insoumise for the election night of the second round of the legislative elections, July 7, 2024

“A Republican surge” (Free Belgium), “France beats the far right” (The Country), ” French Revolution ” (The Republic). After every week of uncertainty in regards to the consequence of the French legislative elections referred to as after Emmanuel Macron's choice to dissolve the National Assembly on June 9, the overseas press welcomed the mobilization of French voters on Sunday, July 7, to stop a victory for the far proper. However, enthusiasm rapidly gave strategy to concern over the deep divisions revealed by the composition of the newly elected Assembly, which provides no clear majority. For many editorialists, this means a rustic that’s tough to manipulate, within the grip of lasting paralysis and whose society appears extra fragmented than ever.

“The firewall holds against Le Pen,” thus notes the South German newspaperevoking, like many German titles, the query of the dam within the face of the acute proper, whereas the query can also be agitating throughout the Rhine within the face of the rise of the national-populists of the AfD. “It is a great relief to see that Le Pen's rise has been slowed. But the situation is far from rosy. France, and therefore Europe, are preparing to experience a period of instability.”estimates for his half that Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. For The nation, The pleasure brought on by the wave towards the acute proper should not masks the truth of the votes; “satisfaction should not blur the figures”, warns the Spanish each day, which remembers that “The discontent will still be there tomorrow.” “If the French democratic forces that saved the essentials this Sunday, by uniting” don’t handle to “beyond their divisive speeches and their short-term calculations, this republican front will only be a provisional speech”, abounds The nightin Belgium.

Same tone, between aid and fear for The Guardianwho notes that“while the left-ecologist alliance forms the main bloc [à l’Assemblée]the country [la France] could face years of paralysis.” The British financial daily Financial Times emphasizes that “France returns to its post-war years of ungovernability”. “The Republican Front gained, however the president finds himself with a completely divided Parliament and nation”notes the Dutch daily, in unison with other Europeans NRC.

“A respite, but for how long?”

Across the Atlantic, the Wall Street Journal note that President Macron is now “the problem of forming a authorities from a disparate group of events which have little in frequent besides their want to maintain the far proper out of energy.” For the New York Timesthe French vote has above all “despatched a scathing message to the pro-business elites gathered across the French president”While welcoming the French rejection of the extreme right, the American daily has one fear: “As President Biden struggles to counter former President Trump's nationalist “America First” message, a chronic political vacuum in France may worsen the instability of the worldwide scenario.”

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