Ukraine-Russia reside information: Kyiv youngsters’s hospital hit in hypersonic missile assault killing at the least 36 | EUROtoday

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Zelensky says China making an attempt to undermine Ukraine peace summit

Moscow has been accused of a battle crime after a serious youngsters’s hospital was hit with a missile amid a large-scale assault on Ukraine.

Italian overseas minister Antonio Tajani stated “war crimes” should be condemned by the “entire international community” following the strike on a hospital that left two individuals killed and 16 others injured, seven of whom have been youngsters.

The hospital was hit amid a Russian barrage that focused 5 Ukrainian cities and killed at the least 36 individuals whereas injuring greater than 150 others.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky stated his nation would take revenge for the strikes, which his chief of workers, Andriy Yermak, described as “genocide”.

“They beat the cities, where there were many people. They hit the children’s hospital. There are children. It is a terror that the world must see and respond to. This is genocide,” he stated.

Russia denied aiming at any civilian services and claimed with out providing proof that footage from Kyiv indicated the harm was attributable to a Ukrainian air protection missile.


UN chief condemns Russian missile assaults on civilian infrastructure throughout Ukraine

The Secretary-General of the UN, António Guterres, has strongly condemned the Russian missile assaults on residential and civilian infrastructure throughout Ukraine, a UN spokesperson has stated.

Tara Cobham8 July 2024 18:21


Zelensky discusses additional Nato help with Donald Tusk

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that he expects the upcoming Nato summit to offer particular steps to strengthen his nation’s air defences towards Russia, hours after a Russian missile assault killed at the least 31 individuals and wounded 154 others in numerous areas, together with a youngsters’s hospital in Kyiv.

Mr Zelensky met with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk in Warsaw to debate additional help for Ukraine from Nato, in addition to signing a bilateral cooperation and defence doc.

“We would like to see greater resolve in our partners and hear resolute responses to these attacks,” Mr Zelensky instructed a joint information convention, stressing that Ukraine will take its personal retaliatory steps.

“I can see a possibility for our partners to use their air defence systems in a way to hit .. the missiles that are carrying out attacks on our country,” Zelenskyy stated.

Mr Zelensky stopped in Warsaw en path to a Nato summit, which begins Tuesday in Washington, marking the Western defence alliance’s seventy fifth anniversary.

At the beginning of the information convention with Mr Tusk, Mr Zelensky requested these gathered to look at a second of silence for the victims of Monday’s airstrikes.

Mr Tusk provided each out there type of assist for the youngsters evacuated from the bombed hospital.

The two leaders signed a co-operation and defence settlement that spells out Poland’s continued help for Ukraine in defence, particularly air defence, power safety for Ukraine, and Poland’s participation in reconstruction.

Tara Cobham8 July 2024 17:31


Mapped: Russia launches huge strikes throughout Ukraine

Alexander Butler8 July 2024 17:30


Svitolina ‘honoured’ to be face of Ukraine as she expresses gratitude for help

Elina Svitolina has stated she is “honoured” to be one of many faces of Ukraine, as she expressed her gratitude for the messages of help she has been receiving as she competes at Wimbledon.

The Ukrainian tennis participant was requested at a press convention on Monday following her fourth-round win: “Given your performances, you mentioned the messages you received after your performances, you’ve been in touch with fellow athletes. How is that helping you on the court?”

She replied: “Yes, so I’ve been talking to [a] few of them. I feel like us as athletes, we have our platform. We represent our country on the world stages. I feel like we are almost as powerful as some people who are representing our government. Every single week we are competing on the big stages, and we have this big platform. We’re representing not only ourselves, but also Ukrainian people.

“The support that we have been getting, it’s been great. Yeah, I feel like we need to continue using it. Yeah, for sure it’s a lot of pressure and a lot of I would say weight on the shoulders that we have. But me personally, from my side, I feel honored to be one of the faces of Ukraine. Yeah, I try to do my very best every single day to give this to my people.

Elina Svitolina of Ukraine reacts after defeating Xinyu Wang of China
Elina Svitolina of Ukraine reacts after defeating Xinyu Wang of China (AP)

Jack Rathborn, At Wimbledon8 July 2024 17:28


Svitolina commits to shaking hand of Russian-born-and-raised Rybakina

Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina has committed to shaking the hand of her next opponent Elena Rybakina, who was born and raised in Russia.

Following her fourth-round win on Monday, Ms Svitolina said: “She changed her nationality, so it means she doesn’t want to represent her original country, so it works.”

Elena Rybakina advanced to the last eight
Elena Rybakina superior to the final eight (PA Wire)

Jack Rathborn, At Wimbledon8 July 2024 17:23


Svitolina criticises Wimbledon’s choice to permit Russian gamers to compete

Elina Svitolina has criticised Wimbledon’s coverage of permitting Russian gamers to compete underneath a impartial flag.

When requested if she believes Russian gamers needs to be banned from competing on the match fully as they have been in 2022, she stated: “Of course, I would prefer that. But it is how it is now. I cannot change. We tried every possible way to talk with many organizations.

“Yeah, for now, I just want to raise awareness, to raise funds for people in need, to raise support for the kids through my foundation, through United24. So many ways we can help people and not only focus on the things we cannot control.”

Jack Rathborn, At Wimbledon8 July 2024 17:21


Svitolina says most of her household and associates are nonetheless in Ukraine

Elina Svitolina has stated most of her household and associates are nonetheless primarily based in Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion of the nation.

Following her Wimbledon win, the tennis participant instructed reporters: “I have my family there. My dad just was there for a couple of weeks to see my grandmother. I have my uncle. His family is there. I have many friends there. Pretty much everyone is based in Ukraine.

“I have contact pretty much every single day.

“I’ve been talking, yeah, on a daily basis with Sergiy Stakhovsky as well. I guess you guys know him. Also a well-known name in tennis. He’s helping a lot with my foundation. He’s my close friend. It was nice to hear from him and hear also what is really happening. To not only find out the news from the media, but also from my friends and family.

“Yeah, it’s nice to hear their voices. Of course, sad voices, but in a way it still warms my heart when I speak with them.”

Jack Rathborn, At Wimbledon8 July 2024 17:15


Svitolina says elevating consciousness of Ukraine battle motivates her to play Wimbledon

Elina Svitolina has stated elevating consciousness of the continued battle in Ukraine motivated her to play at Wimbledon after she gained her fourth-round match.

She was requested at a press convention following the match on Monday: “How important is it for you that you’re using your platform here at Wimbledon to keep awareness of this issue and these attacks on the hospital and in general Russia’s attacks in your country?”

The Ukrainian tennis participant responded: “Yeah, of course, this is one of the things that motivated me today, was just I have to put my head down and show up and do my best, my very best.

“Every Ukrainian is using their own way to raise awareness, to raise money, to help in every possible way they can. My way is through tennis. This [is] what’s really motivated me today to do something. I tried to be focused on my job, tried to be focused on what I can control. Just do what I can in a way.

“I’m playing, of course, such an amazing event as Wimbledon. I have to also think about how I can use that in a way for Ukrainian people. At least with my win today, it was a small light that brought a happy moment for Ukrainian people. I got so many messages today. The people are thankful for my performance, for my win today.

“Of course, it’s brings me a lot of, let’s say, joy in a way of this sad day.”

Jack Rathborn, At Wimbledon8 July 2024 17:08


Svitolina calls at this time ‘incredibly sad day for all Ukrainians’ after Wimbledon win amid missile assault

Elina Svitolina has described at this time as an “incredibly sad day for all Ukrainians” after she gained her fourth-round match at Wimbledon following a serious Russian missile assault on Ukraine that killed at the least 36 individuals.

Speaking to reporters following the match, she stated: “It’s [an] incredibly sad day today for all Ukrainians.

“It was really difficult for me to really be here in a way and do anything. I just wanted to be in my room, just be there with my emotions, with everything. You know, when you have these sad days where you don’t want to do anything, it was this kind of day for me.

“It’s difficult really to explain, I guess, because of course for us Ukrainians, it’s very close to our hearts and [a] very sensitive topic, very sensitive emotions that we feel every single day.

“But today was one of the days where it was even more difficult because the missile landed on the hospital, the kids’ hospital. Straightaway you see the images and everything that happened there. So many kids lost their lives.

“Yeah, it’s [an] extremely tough day today.”

Elina Svitolina of Ukraine waves after defeating Xinyu Wang of China
Elina Svitolina of Ukraine waves after defeating Xinyu Wang of China (AP)

Jack Rathborn, At Wimbledon8 July 2024 17:04


Ukraine to cooperate with ICC on investigation into Russian assault, prosecutor says

Ukrainian Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin stated he had mentioned a lethal Russian assault on Ukraine on Monday with International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor Karim Khan.

“We are sending all information and evidence about attacks on Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities to the ICC prosecutor’s office,” he instructed nationwide TV.

At least 36 individuals have been killed throughout Ukraine in Monday’s assault, which partially destroyed a youngsters’s hospital in Kyiv.

Tara Cobham8 July 2024 16:56