Mission achieved for Ariane 6, it launched the satellites | EUROtoday

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Mission achieved for the European Ariane 6 launcher: after an ideal launch, the Vinci engine introduced the higher stage into the right orbit to launch the nanosatellites and experiments. Then it reignited for one final time, as deliberate, to vary its orbit and start its descent in the direction of the Earth's environment. Here it launched the 2 experimental reentry capsules after which continued its journey to deplete on influence with the environment. The two capsules, in addition to any fragments of the Ariane 6 higher stage, have been positioned on a managed reentry trajectory to a protected space within the Pacific.

“This is our space history. This is our strategic autonomy. It is a source of French and European pride. The first launch of Ariane 6 is a success! Huge congratulations to the teams that make the seemingly impossible possible. Mission accomplished.” French President Emmanuel Macron on X after the launch of the Ariane 6 rocket in French Guiana.

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