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The Labour authorities has ditched the phrase “levelling up” as Sir Keir Starmer met with England’s metro mayors.

Secretary of state Angela Rayner mentioned Labour will govern within the nation’s curiosity, with out gimmicks and slogans.

“A government of public service means fixing the fundamentals to deliver for the British people,” she mentioned.

Senior Tories Suella BravermanJacob Rees-Mogg and Lord Frost are in the present day at a Popular Conservatism, “PopCon”, post-election occasion, with the Tory’s election defeat on the high of the agenda.

Also among the many audio system was historian David Starkey, who mentioned it was “deranged” {that a} Conservative prime minister, David Cameron, cited enabling same-sex marriage as his biggest achievement.

Ahead of in the present day’s occasion, Ms Braverman sparked a backlash as she criticised current Tory governments’ information on LGBT+ points, describing authorities buildings flying rainbow flags as “occupied territory”.

Former PM Tony Blair in the present day painted a depressing image of the UK’s funds as he delivered a speech on the Tony Blair Institute’s Future of Britain convention.

He warned that, except the nation improves progress and productiveness, and drives worth and effectivity via public spending, it is going to develop into “much poorer”.


Andy Burnham: ‘Starmer keen to support growth in whole of England’

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has said Sir Keir Starmer is “showing his intent to get growth going in all parts of England”.

Mr Burnham told BBC Breakfast after a meeting with the new Prime Minister: “You had mayors representing more than half of the population of England and we’ve all mentioned to the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister that we’re simply prepared now to ship for them.”

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Maryam Zakir Hussain9 July 2024 13:23


Wes Streeting ‘optimistic’ forward of pay talks with junior medical doctors

The Health Secretary has mentioned he’s “optimistic” forward of talks with junior medical doctors aimed toward ending their long-running dispute over pay.

Wes Streeting mentioned the talks mark an “important reset moment” in relations between the Government and junior medical doctors in England.

Medics from the British Medical Association (BMA) are to fulfill Department of Health and Social Care officers on Tuesday afternoon to start out discussions with a view to ending strikes which have been inflicting widespread disruption throughout the well being service.

Speaking on the Tony Blair Institute’s Future of Britain Conference 2024, Mr Streeting mentioned: “I’m seeing the junior doctors this afternoon, they are coming into the Department of Health. I know they’re coming in not just from my diary, but from the army of cameras and journalists currently stationed outside the department.”

Asked if he was optimistic concerning the talks, he mentioned: “Optimistic? Yes.

“This is an important reset moment in the relationship between junior doctors and their Government.”

Wes Streeting is ‘optimistic’ ahead of talks with junior doctors
Wes Streeting is ‘optimistic’ forward of talks with junior medical doctors (Wiktor Szymanowicz/Future Publis)

Alex Ross9 July 2024 12:57


‘From the ashes of the disaster grow the roses of success’ – Rees-Mogg

Sir Jacob calls on the viewers to recognise there’s worth in conservatism, and that the occasion can reinvent itself and are available again from the place opppostion.

He finishes by saying: “So ladies and gentlemen, I don’t say go back to your constituencies and prepare for government, I say go back to your constituences and put ashes on your roses because from the ashes of the disaster grow the roses of success.”

Rees-Mogg calls on the audience at the PopCon event to recognise the value in conservatism
Rees-Mogg calls on the viewers on the PopCon occasion to recognise the worth in conservatism (The Independent)

Alex Ross9 July 2024 12:51


Tory members should maintain vote in management content material – Rees-Mogg

Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg addresses hypothesis that Tory memebrs might lose their vote in an upcoming occasion management vote.

He says: “If any of you belong to Conservative associations, bear in mind that rule can only be changed if Conservative association chairmen agree to it.

“Do you want me to tell you how hanging, drawing and quartering takes place because that is what you should do to your association chairmen if he or she even thinks of voting to take away your vote.

“Democracy must never be rolled back and the idea that the MPs are so wise and know better than our members, well, look who they gave us and look who the members gave us. I am with the members every time.”

Alex Ross9 July 2024 12:40


‘We mustn’t faux that election wasn’t a catastrophe’ – Rees-Mogg

Turning to the election outcome, Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg says it was an “alarm bell” and a “reminder” towards “the arrogance of presumption that we thought we had a devine right to rule and a devine right to certain voters”.

“We didn’t,” he provides.

“We mustn’t pretend that election wasn’t a disaster,” he says.

“We thought our core vote had nowhere else to go…. they did,” he says.

“And we cannot just assume that the pendulum will swing back to us or the Reform voters will suddenly repent,” he says, earlier than including “we need to win them over one way or another”.

Alex Ross9 July 2024 12:38


‘Deeply shameful’ – Rees-Mogg describes Tory authorities’s dealing of constitutional pillar

As Sir Jacob runs via the pillars fo the structure as he assesses the place the Tory authorities went incorrect throughout its time period forward of the election, he turns to the precise of property.

He says: “The rights of property we were trampling over at the end of the last conservative government, which was deeply shameful and I opposed every effort to trample on the rights of property and enter into free contract.”

Alex Ross9 July 2024 12:33


Starmer urged to ditch his Brexit purple traces and rejoin the only market by Labour voters

Away from the PopCon occasion this morning, we’ve simply damaged an unique on new poolling that reveals the overwhelming majority of voters who went to the polls to vote for a Keir Starmer authorities need Labour to drop its Brexit ‘red lines’ and reverse the Tory legacy on Europe.

Read the total story by our political editor David Maddox right here:

Alex Ross9 July 2024 12:23


‘There are things we can do’ – Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg

Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg quotes Margaret Thatcher, saying “the facts of life are conservative”, including it’s a line “we should always remember, it’s why the left moved to the centre and we get tempted…. and it is a mistake”.

He will get amusing when he says the “broader conservative family” received 11 million votes, together with the votes for Nigel Farage’s Reform UK.

“Sometimes family have their differences but we need to reunite that Tory family and recognise Conservatism is more popular than the Conservative Party.”

The former enterprise secretary says “there are things we can do” together with studying from the occasion’s historical past, mentioning the launch of the Primrose League in 1883 for example.

Within 10 years, the Conservative physique had a million members, Sir Jacob says.

Alex Ross9 July 2024 12:20


Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg seems on stage

Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg, who misplaced his Hanham and North East Somerset seat on the basic election, takes to the stage and begins by stating slowly to the viewers: “We have no power”.

And he takes a dig at occasion chief Rishi Sunak, saying his introduced shadow cupboard yesterday “doesn’t matter”.

“The power, the excitement, the charisma of power has been taken from us,” he says.

“We must not assume that we just come back automatically.”

Sir Jacob-Rees Mogg takes to the stage at the PopCon post-election event
Sir Jacob-Rees Mogg takes to the stage on the PopCon post-election occasion (The Independent)

Alex Ross9 July 2024 12:13


Tory Party ‘weak, squeamish’ over immigration – Braverman

Former residence secretary Suella Braverman tells PopCon activists her occasion has been “weak, squeamish” over immigration.

She says the Conservative Party ought to bid to go away the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and axe the Human Rights Act, and provides: “We’ve never been unequivocal about this pressing cause of the problem.”

Alex Ross9 July 2024 12:06