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Finding the appropriate phrases to achieve the person's coronary heart; discovering what excites and motivates them; connecting with their values ​​and social conscience; entertaining them, regardless of the communication platform; constructing loyalty and, lastly, getting them to make a buying resolution. These are, in short, a few of the tasks of the copywriter or artistic copywriter, a specialist in persuasive writing whose work in promoting businesses has grown in significance and scope with the event and multiplication of social networks and digital platforms. “When you write in a corporate or academic way, you seem distant and formal, your words lack spark, your writing feels rigid and tense and you don’t connect with the reader. And connection is just what brands need to tackle the biggest problem in a market saturated with content: indifference,” says Maïder Tomasena, director of the Copywriting School.

The digital transformation of society, pushed by the pandemic, has made organizations conscious of the significance of producing a considerable amount of digital content material to attach with shoppers wherever they’re, whether or not on social networks, search engines like google and yahoo like Google or platforms like YouTube or Twitch, however with out leaving apart conventional audiovisual or written media, from tv to the press, radio, magazines, billboards or marquees. A spread that forces the copywriter to adapt to every medium, “with liquid content that adapts to the platform on which it will be broadcast. The level of precision is such that the same ones do not work copies “You can’t write the same way for Facebook as you do for TikTok,” says Luis Núñez, director of the MacLucan content agency. “That’s why organizations are increasingly demanding hybrid editors, somewhere between a traditional news editor and a creative editor from a traditional advertising agency.” In other words, people with the ability to write persuasively, but with the synthesis and rigor of journalists.

Words are the important thing to every thing. From Redbull campaigns to Campofrío's emotional advertisements, the clothes model Pompeii (“Now we talk in English because it makes us look more global but we keep manufacturing in Elche”) or the “true magic” of Coca Cola campaigns, with a transmedia repositioning (Twitch, YouTube, LinkedIn, billboards and social networks) wherein the copy has had rather a lot to say. The examples are virtually infinite and a few already belong to the collective creativeness, the product of the hassle not solely of the editor, however of many different professionals, from the artistic director to the IT consultants who deal with Big Data or the producers of audiovisual ads, of which little or no is alleged: “The way of making the castingthe direction of actors… Their work is fundamental. How do you get the bald guy in the lottery to have personality? One is not the same as another, how he moves or gestures, the music that is played at each moment… All of that creates tremendous intangible emotions,” recalls Ubaldo Cuesta, professor of Communication and director of the Master's in Advertising Management at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Skills of a good copywriter

For Cuesta, the characteristics of digital media make it difficult to find a copy well trained and able to handle themselves adequately in all media, which is why, he points out, there are two types of professionals today: a more traditional one (specialised in press, radio, television…) and a new one, for the digital world, which tends to correspond to younger profiles. In any case, they must develop a whole series of skills such as creativity, rigour and the use of digital tools. But there is much more: “You need to understand the consumer very well and understand psychological mechanisms of communication such as, for example, the cognitive biases of the other person; seeing how a small word can alter the whole message… You have to be able to analyse the competition, be able to observe something that already exists and propose hypotheses for improvement, and have a very strong spatial design vision, to understand very well which images and colours go best with each other and in what way,” argues the Complutense academic.

But there are also a series of other aspects that can become decisive in a person's career. copywriter, and that have to do with attitude: “The first quality is empathy. One of the deepest desires of the human being is to feel understood, and that is why a copy “You have to always put yourself in the audience’s shoes, in any medium or circumstance. Did you know that 80% of the purchasing decisions we make are emotional? If you manage to provoke this feeling of understanding in a client, you’ll have them in the bag,” says Tomasena. The different two qualities need to do with curiosity and humility: the primary might be important through the analysis section of any challenge, whereas the second “is necessary because every time you start a new project you need to recognize that you don’t know everything in order to start observing, reading and listening.”

“There are people who do it intuitively, but there are also training courses for copy digital about all this: brand architecture, construction, visual design… And, of course, managing the different digital ecosystems: TikTok's language is not the same as YouTube's, nor Twitter's as Instagram's,” provides Cuesta. “In a similar sense, you also have to know the complete digital communication style, even at the level of the tone of voice; because, today, a good digital communication style is not the same as the one used by YouTube.” copy additionally information his voice.” An entire course of that’s summarized within the person expertise (UX): tips on how to design a textual content in order that the person's navigation is comfy; one thing that’s, largely, a perform of the copy, which might be finished with the assistance of a artistic or graphic designer.

What does a profitable marketing campaign want?

Any promoting marketing campaign requires knowledgeable, advanced and scientific method that begins by correctly defining the communication technique: “You have to find the umbilical cord that connects the product to the customer. That is, why would you buy an idea from me? You have to offer a sales promise that brings you a benefit, whether material, psychological or emotional,” says Cuesta. “And that is difficult, because it needs to go to the heart of the reason for purchase, and therefore to the true reason for purchase (the reason for the purchase). insight); discover the insight “It is very difficult to reach consumers.” This is true not just for the sale of tangible merchandise but additionally for different forms of communication campaigns, reminiscent of political ones.

“Why would people vote for the PP now? What is it that lies deep behind the desire to vote for VOX? In a target, or in several segmentations of a target; because, perhaps, the one who votes for VOX in a rural environment has a very different deep motivation than the one who does so in the city. And at the same time, the urban voter of 60 is not the same as the one of 20; the generation millennial or the alpha… In order to do all this, you need research teams. Before you get to the copy, You have to have done good brand, market, marketing and competition research, with which you build a strategy and positioning,” the professional explains. A content material technique that, as well as, is mixed with a media technique and a transmedia narrative: do I’ve to go to Twitter? Twitch, YouTube, LinkedIn, Antena 3…? And in the present day, strategists, creatives and media planners work in a coordinated method, and in flip alongside digital public relations departments.

Marketing traits

Although it could appear apparent, the primary development is that of digital communication and gross sales, which, though it already existed, was accentuated by Covid-19, and which has led promoting businesses to rent quite a few pc consultants who deal with, for instance, all knowledge mining (the Big Data mining). Everything associated to neuromarketing and neurocommunication, which consists of making use of neuroscience information to shopper conduct, additionally guarantees to be related. “If I smile at you and act friendly, you intuitively put yourself in a non-attack situation: your brain perceives that there is a “non-enemy,” your pupils dilate slightly, your coronary heart relaxes and also you presumably secrete slightly oxytocin, which is the empathy hormone, and so I’m getting ready you to promote you a product higher,” argues Cuesta. Today, he provides, it’s already doable to make use of “a very precise tool with which I can measure whether your pupil has dilated, whether you have made a micro-movement of a smile, and what is happening in your encephalographic activity. In this way, I can monitor what emotions you are feeling, whether your brain is getting nervous or not… And make marketing decisions. El Corte Inglés, for example, is analyzing part of its website with us using this type of technique.”

We mustn’t overlook the significance of website positioning both. (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)nor the already talked about transmedia narrative, with specialists who can carry the message from one facet to the opposite and who know tips on how to unite that narrative. But additionally the communication of manufacturers by way of values. “Brands must communicate in the same way that people do. Instead of “going on TV to tell their story to people”, they need to generate conversations with their customers on social networks, research what pursuits them and provides them materials with which they will have their very own conversations,” says Núñez.

From there, they’re the branded content material (constructing tales with model content material) and product positioning, which has existed for a very long time however has advanced hand in hand with the influencers. According to Hotmart, buyer relationship administration (CRM) will proceed to be probably the most standard digital advertising and marketing methods, since “adapting content and humanizing it on different platforms allows you to get the most out of each one, and enjoy a larger audience. Even tools like WhatsApp can be an indispensable ally for new businesses looking for frequent and loyal customers.” And it factors out different traits: image-based search; storydoing (contain the potential shopper in a narrative and, thus, make him reside a distinct expertise with the enterprise); chatbots and synthetic intelligence and Google and voice search: in line with the search engine's personal knowledge, greater than 20% of searches are already carried out by way of this instrument.

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