Top 5 High-Paying Accounts for July 2024: Which One is Best for You? | EUROtoday

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Las paid accounts They reside a second youth and never even the European Central Bank's (ECB) rate of interest lower in June has made them much less enticing.

“Paid accounts” They have grow to be one of many favourite merchandise of savers extra conservative, since they’ll earn profitability with full entry to your financial savings and with the cash assured,” explain the experts of the financial comparator HelpMyCash.

There are currently several interesting options on the market, which can match the interest rate of the ECB's deposit facility, which stands at 3.75%. “When selecting a remunerated account, our recommendation is that Not solely the curiosity provided is taken into consideration, but in addition the interval for which it’s provided and the minimal and most quantities. to be remunerated,” added HelpMyCash.

To make the selection much easier, HelpMyCash has chosen the five best paid accounts of July without commissions and without any type of requirement.

Trade Republic Savings Account: 3.75% APR

The Trade Republic Savings Account It is an account that is marketed with the highest interest rate at the moment: 3.75%. It can be contracted from 1 euro to 50,000 euros, which guarantees a Gross earnings of 1,875 eurosIn addition, Trade Republic allows you to invest in ETFs, funds and shares with very low fees and the money is fully protected up to 100,000 euros per account holder.

Revolut's Flexible Account: up to 3.79%

The Revolut Flexible Account is another option. It is a monetary Fundwhich invests in low-risk products such as deposits and Treasury Bills, which has a expected profitability of up to 3.79%. It is also an ideal account for those who go on holiday as it allows you to exchange money at the best exchange rate, make free withdrawals from ATMs abroad up to 200 euros and make commission-free purchases up to 1,000 euros per month.

The EVO Welcome Smart Account: get up to 903 euros

EVO has improved the interest of its Smart Account Welcome. It is an account that pays with an interest rate of 3.05% APR for balances up to 30,000 euroswhich guarantees a profit of 903 euros. In addition, the client has the option of taking out a four-month deposit at the same interest rate for amounts up to 60,000 euros. You can earn another 604 euros! And it has no conditions of any kind and does not charge any commissions, but it does have added benefits such as a free debit card.

Sabadell Online Account: profitability up to 50,000 euros

With the Sabadell Online Account You can also make your savings profitable. Specifically, a 2.50% for balances up to 50,000 euroswhich allows you to earn a profit of 1,250 euros in the first year, with the money always available and with the complete security of the Deposit Guarantee Fund. In addition, it is an account that gives access to a debit card at no cost and, in addition, returns 3% of electricity and gas bills.

The N26 Savings Account: unlimited returns

Finally, it highlights the N26 Savings Account. This is an account with a profitability of 2.26% without limit amountwhich is attractive for big savers. But if, in addition, the Metal Plan is chosen, which costs 13.5 eurosprofitability rises to 4%If you deposit 5,000 euros, you will be paid back with the interest earned! It is also an ideal account for those who travel abroad, as it allows you to withdraw up to three times free of charge from ATMs in the Eurozone and make unlimited purchases in another currency without being charged commissions for currency exchange.