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Christ's Lessons on Money: 'The Economics of Parables' (Deusto). Robert Sirico

This ebook is exclusive. It was not written by an economist, however by a priest. The Italian Robert Sirico evaluations 13 of probably the most well-known parables of the New Testament to extract the teachings that Jesus Christ provided with the usage of cash. From tales corresponding to The Prodigal Son to Hidden Treasure or The Rich Fool, Sirico displays on economics and the Holy Scriptures. “Economic issues permeate practically all human life on earth,” he writes, “and what we call the market is not, therefore, a place, but a process of discovering how to use those scarce and limited resources.” The values ​​of the Bible, the priest narrates, influenced the event of economics as a self-discipline. The ebook speaks in regards to the administration of wealth, personal property, the administration of inequalities, the decision of household conflicts or the distribution of inheritances. And it displays on personal property, wealth and know-how, amongst many different points corresponding to, for instance, socialism within the early church.