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French gendarmes during an operation to remove a roadblock in Dumbéa, New Caledonia, June 24, 2024.

Rock Victorin Wamytan, 38, was killed by a GIGN retaliatory shot on Wednesday, July 10. He allegedly fired a number of instances on the gendarmes, with out the customary officers with the ability to deliver him to his senses.

Even throughout the tumultuous tribe of Saint-Louis, in Mont-Dore, east of Noumea, there are acts that don’t move muster. In about ten days, Rock Victorin Wamytan, nicknamed ” Banana “ since adolescence, allegedly attacked twelve motorists along with his accomplices to grab their autos. Sometimes additionally stealing their sneakers. Always underneath menace of a weapon. An additional step was taken on Sunday July 7, when the group chased from their dwelling two nuns of the Little Daughters of Mary, a congregation established on the Saint-Louis mission since 1875. The priest being absent, the handful of younger individuals had invested the neighboring presbytery a couple of days earlier, from the place they’d been capturing on the police since July 1er ground.

Facts severe sufficient to have triggered customary mediation. “For us, the Catholic mission is a sanctuary, it is a piece of the history of the tribe, but also of New Caledonia”says Roch Wamytan, the pro-independence president of the Congress, additionally a grand chief of Saint-Louis and a fervent Catholic, of whom Rock Victorin Wamytan can be a second cousin. “We have been talking to them for a week to get them out of there”he explains, regretting that “The French authorities decided on another outcome. We have our own ways of doing things, it takes time, but we would have gotten there.”he assures.

Highly strategic route

The State, for its half, has made restoring visitors to Saint-Louis its precedence. “In this tribe, there are people who use firearms against the police and who exercise terror, there is no other word, on motorists and the inhabitants of the tribe. I warn them one last time. A massive intervention is going to take place, so either it is a return to appeasement and they surrender their weapons. Or they will pay the price.”declared the High Commissioner of the Republic, Louis Le Franc, on Radio Rythme Bleu, the day earlier than the loss of life of Rock Victorin Wamytan.

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The highway that passes in entrance of the tribe is certainly extremely strategic, because it connects the whole south of the territory to Noumea. It has been impassable since May 13, as a consequence of clashes between activists and legislation enforcement, but in addition as a consequence of crime, paralyzing the lives of hundreds of Caledonians. As an indication of appeasement, customary officers had taken steps to revive visitors in current days. The father of ” Banana “Joseph, chief of the Wamytan clan, had began to clear away the handfuls of automotive wrecks that have been blocking the highway utilizing building gear. An operation placed on maintain by the loss of life of his son.

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