Senate To Hold Hearing On Trump Immunity Ruling | EUROtoday

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WASHINGTON — Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) introduced Thursday that the Senate Judiciary Committee will maintain a September listening to to take a look at “the immediate legal and policy ramifications” of the Supreme Court’s resolution final month that grants Donald Trump full immunity for “official acts” he took as president.

“During this upcoming hearing, we will examine the breadth of future misconduct that may be immunized from prosecution, consider the unprecedented nature of this immunity in American history, and discuss legislative solutions to the dangers of this decision,” Durbin, the committee chairman, mentioned in an announcement.

“The Senate Judiciary Committee will not tolerate these justices cherry-picking their way through text and history to impose their own extreme vision of presidential power on the American people,” he mentioned.

Durbin didn’t give a selected date or the names of potential witnesses. But Senate Democrats are clearly desperate to do one thing that flexes the power of the legislative department of presidency in response to the choice by the nation’s highest court docket. The Supreme Court’s ruling on presidential immunity is so sweeping and imprecise that authorized consultants have mentioned it opens the door for sitting presidents to do no matter they need with none accountability, together with one thing as excessive as assassinating a political rival.

“This dangerous decision immunizes presidents who commit crimes, no matter how serious, as long as they claim their offenses were ‘official acts,’” mentioned Durbin. “The far-right justices responsible for this decision like to claim that they are guided by ‘textualism’ or ‘originalism,’ but the reality is that they’re engaged in judicial activism unmoored from the text of the Constitution and intentions of our framers, and Congress cannot turn a blind eye to it.”