Suella Braverman warns of contemporary Tory ‘disaster’ in pressing Farage warning | Politics | News | EUROtoday

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Suella Braverman has mentioned she is “terrified” that the Conservatives might be “doomed”.

The former residence secretary, who is predicted to run to succeed Rishi Sunak as get together chief, warned “there’s too many in my party who are still complacent” about the threat of Nigel Farage and Reform UK.

The Conservatives lost in a landslide election to Labour at the general election last week.

Ms Braverman said: “They think that Reform is a fad, ‘They’ll be a busted flush in a few years’ time, people will come back to us as Labour fails on some of these policies and we can sit back and just wait’.

“I’m not in that camp. This is a crisis for our party and if we don’t realise the enormity of the problem and fundamentally change, we will have no chance of fixing it.”

She added: “Whoever is leading the party, whoever is running the party, just needs to accept that basic truth and if they don’t then we will be doomed as a party and that’s what really, really terrifies me.”

Disputes between Tory management rivals have descended right into a public slanging match.

Ms Braverman and her fellow management hopeful Kemi Badenoch traded blows on X, previously Twitter, after Ms Badenoch reportedly accused her rival of getting a “very public” nervous breakdown throughout a gathering of Tory frontbenchers.

Tory grandee Sir Edward Leigh desires a “strong right-wing candidate” to be the brand new chief of the Conservative Party.

Speaking after leaving the 1922 Committee assembly, the Father of the House informed reporters: “The Conservative Party will never recover unless it is a proper Conservative Party doing conservative things. The public are absolutely furious that we did not control mass immigration, legal and illegal.

“Until we wake up and become a proper Conservative Party that delivers proper controls on immigration and tax we will never recover. You can’t recover just by saying we are all united. You have to stand for something.”

Mr Sunak will proceed as Tory chief till the management contest is triggered.