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Jordan Bardella “assumes” his “share of responsibility” within the “defeat” of the RN and believes that the “non-compliant” candidates is not going to sit

Jordan Bardella commented on the outcomes of the second spherical of the legislative elections, which noticed the National Rally (RN) lastly win 125 seats within the new National Assembly, and its “ciottiste” allies 17 seats, in line with the whole (not closing) outcomes from the Ministry of the Interior.

Jordan Bardella has “assumed” Monday one “share of responsibility” within the ” defeat “ of the RN, which got here third within the early legislative elections on Sunday, behind the left and the Macronist camp. “We always make mistakes, I have made some.[s] »explained the MEP. “I take responsibility for both the victory in the European elections and yesterday's defeat”he added.

While the new parliamentary group of the National Rally in the Assembly will have to look into the case of several of its new deputies who have been singled out in recent days for racist, climate-sceptic or conspiracy theorist statements, Jordan Bardella acknowledged that “That would probably require us to look at the nomination of a number of candidates.”recalling that some candidates had already been “dismissed at the start of the campaign”.

“People who made statements that are not in line with my vision, with what we defend, with the political line that I support, will not sit” At not within the RN parliamentary group in the Assembly, he repeated, considering that it was a question “of one or two people”.

“99% of our candidates are absolutely flawless”he insisted, describing “implanted candidates” who additionally signify “these new faces that we want to highlight”. “I say it clearly, in some constituencies, the choices we made were not the right ones, and I take my share of responsibility too [dans ces désignations] »finally recognizes the MEP.