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VS’is a fine addition for folks weak to Covid-19. The coronavirus vaccination marketing campaign has been introduced ahead to October 2, as introduced by Minister of Health Aurélien Rousseau. Its begin was initially deliberate for October 17, concurrently the seasonal flu vaccination marketing campaign, to enable the administration of the 2 injections on the identical day. The precedence focused inhabitants is estimated between 12 and 18 million folks. Why hurry? Should we count on tough months forward? Will the new vaccines be efficient?

It is just not the resumption of the epidemic since mid-summer that worries the specialists. What considerations them are the new variants, that are extra simply in a position to thwart our immune defenses, laboriously acquired because the begin of the pandemic in 2020, by way of infections and vaccine boosters. “This ability to escape the immune system is what bothers us the most,” explains Brigitte Autran, president of the Committee for Monitoring and Anticipating Health Risks (Covars). The immune response that now we have constructed doesn’t shield effectively in opposition to variants which are at the moment circulating. Particularly in opposition to the most recent additions, EG.5.1 (Eris) and BA.2.86 (Pirola), essentially the most worrying to date. »

As of September 12, the EG.5.1 variant already represents 35% of circumstances of contamination in France in contrast to only one% for BA.2.86, which nonetheless stays a really minority in Europe. In each circumstances, docs don’t report a extra extreme type than with the earlier variants, they’re merely much less effectively acknowledged by our defenses.
READ ALSO Covid: confronted with variants, no panic, however vigilance “There is indeed a small resurgence of the epidemic but the hospitals are very far from being saturated. The R zero [nombre moyen de nouveaux cas d’une maladie qu’une seule personne contagieuse génère dans une population, NDLR] increased to 1.3. Nothing catastrophic even if we are in the phase of growth of the epidemic,” underlines Brigitte Autran. It’s tough to say, for the second, if it is a plateau or if it is going to proceed to develop. “But if it had only been the curve of increase in cases, we would surely not have recommended the advancement of the vaccination campaign,” acknowledges the president of Covars.

Currently, most individuals hospitalized or in intensive look after Covid-19 are, as anticipated, fragile sufferers – aged or affected by continual pathologies – whose immune responses are significantly inadequate to present variants. “In this context, as the new vaccines are available, there is no reason to wait any longer,” insists Brigitte Autran, stressing that, in lots of neighboring international locations equivalent to Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, the campaigns are already launched.

  • Will these new vaccines be simpler?

They are effectively tailored to the variants in circulation. All had been developed from the XBB.1.5 pressure, predominant final spring and subsequently really useful as a goal by the WHO. So far, most vaccines used have focused both the historic pressure (Wuhan pressure) or strains derived from Omicron.

The first of the new vaccines already accessible is that of BioNTech-Pfizer, primarily based on messenger RNA. That of Moderna, utilizing the identical know-how, also needs to arrive in a short time as a result of it acquired a European advertising authorization (AMM) on September 15. The third vaccine, the one primarily based on proteins and developed by Novavax, continues to be being evaluated.

READ ALSO Will bronchiolitis epidemics quickly turn into a nasty reminiscence?“They all show very good signs of immune responses,” in accordance to Brigitte Autran. In mice, a booster with the new BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine induces antibody ranges up to 8 occasions increased in opposition to the XBB and BA.2.86 variants than with these of earlier vaccines. In people, a booster with the new Moderna, the degrees of antibodies neutralizing present viruses are multiplied by 10.

We could have to wait a number of weeks earlier than having exact percentages on effectiveness in “real life”. But we know that the vaccines utilized in earlier years offered 85 to 95% safety in opposition to extreme types. “We are entering a bit of a new era. Initially, vaccines were effective in limiting infections and transmission. These new vaccines are intended to protect against serious forms and limit the risk of going to hospital, but they will not be extremely effective in preventing the circulation of the virus. This is why we do not insist much on vaccinating younger or healthy people who defend themselves very well against severe forms with what remains of their immune defenses,” explains the immunologist.

  • Who can get vaccinated and the way?

“All those who wish,” insists Brigitte Autran. “But those who concern us are really the people at risk of serious forms, i.e. the elderly, people in nursing homes, those who have risk factors for either immunosuppression or cardiorespiratory pathologies, or even those who are overweight. important. They are the ones who risk, without this reminder, going to intensive care and possibly dying. » The HAS indication in June has not changed. What should we do for children who were not vaccinated at all during the first waves of Covid-19 but who, in the overwhelming majority, experienced an episode of infection? “It’s not an emergency,” emphasizes Brigitte Autran.

READ ALSO Lung most cancers: “The new vaccine reduces the risk of death by 41%” Concretely, the injections may be carried out by appointment in a pharmacy or along with your physician, for instance. No need to have paperwork on these earlier vaccination boosters. On the opposite hand, it’s all the time crucial to respect a interval of six months between a new injection and its final booster or its final an infection with Covid-19. This interval is even lowered to three months for immunocompromised folks.