Lauterbach needs to take away homeopathy as a medical health insurance profit | EUROtoday

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As of: January 11, 2024 10:25 a.m

The financing of homeopathic remedies by statutory medical health insurance corporations is about to finish. Health Minister Lauterbach sees no level within the efficiency. The foundation of coverage should be scientific proof.

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) needs to abolish the financing of homeopathic remedies by statutory funds. “Homeopathy makes no sense as a health insurance benefit,” wrote the SPD politician on the web platform X (previously Twitter). “The basis of our policy must be scientific evidence.” Climate change “cannot be fought with dowsing rods”.

Homeopathic medicines could be primarily based on plant, mineral and animal substances. The extraordinarily diluted substances are administered, for instance, within the type of beads (globules). The scientific consensus is that homeopathic remedies haven’t been confirmed to have any impact that goes past placebo results.

Savings most likely round ten million euros

As the “Spiegel” reported on Wednesday night, Lauterbach’s ministry despatched a suggestion paper to different ministries explaining the place financial savings could be made with statutory medical health insurance. Writing additionally fits that ARD capital studio earlier than.

The doc states: “Services that have no medically proven benefit may not be financed from contributions.” And additional: “For this reason, we will delete the option for health insurance companies to provide for homeopathic and anthroposophical services in their statutes and thus avoid unnecessary expenses for the health insurance companies. However, it will be possible for the health insurance companies to arrange private supplementary insurance contracts for these services.”

Lauterbach had already stated in October 2022 that he would take into account eradicating homeopathy as a medical health insurance profit. “Although homeopathy is not significant in terms of expenditure, it has no place in a science-based health policy,” he advised “Spiegel” on the time. According to the journal, the measure would save a most of ten million euros.

Vera Wolfskämpf, ARD Berlin, tagesschau, January 11, 2024 7:16 a.m